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Analyse, plan, implement, operate. These four steps are key to the success of any SAP project and the continual development of SAP solutions and of the entire SAP system environment. Many businesses do not have the necessary depth of expertise to look after these activities themselves. Ideally, they turn to an external provider for support in the form of SAP Services.

Syntax SAP Services at a glance

Our SAP Services ensure that as an SAP customer you get the most out of your investment in SAP products. SAP expertise and industry focus are essential and make the difference between “good” and “best-in-class” results.

SAP Consulting

A pragmatic approach, focusing on results and collaborating in a partnership of equals – these key values guide our SAP consulting practice. Our team of experienced advisers will provide you with direct, unfussy support in the selection of new SAP solutions and introduction of new SAP systems, realising strategic expansion and assisting in optimisation. At Syntax we plan and guide global roll-outs. Delivering implementation services and looking after customising, as well as developing extensions to the standard software as required.

SAP S/4HANA Consulting

We support our customers in the transition to SAP S/4HANA, using tools such as S/4HANA Strategy Assessments. We guide you towards your best route into the new SAP world. Whether on-prem or in the S/4HANA Cloud: our SAP Services experts set the strategy, get heavily involved in planning and also work closely with you to realise the transition in practice. We can help whatever migration strategy you choose – a simple SAP Move, or a greenfield, brownfield or mixed-field project with the objective of implementing a highly differentiated S/4HANA system.


Our experienced and motivated SAP AMS professionals look after the day-to-day operation, continuous development and support for your SAP systems as part of our SAP Application Management Services. This frees up your internal IT resources and gives your CIO and the rest of the team time and space to focus on strategically more important activities.

SAP Analytics Services

We support enterprises in industrial sectors to introduce SAP Analytics so that they can get value out of the masses of different data they produce, for example for production and logistics management, or for quality or risk control. We also develop custom dashboards for monitoring and tuning business processes, through to comprehensive bespoke enterprise analytics solutions.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing in the digital factories of tomorrow no longer requires the installation of servers on site – it is controlled via the cloud. Our Industry 4.0 experts show manufacturers how to get the most out of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud as the core of a connected shop floor, exploiting all of its advantages from uniform KPIs to analytics-based process transparency and out-of-the-box integration with S/4HANA and SAP ERP.

SAP Cloud Services

Increasingly, enterprises are turning to both public and private clouds when it comes to implementing SAP solutions. We help our customers to develop their cloud strategy and plan out their cloud infrastructure. We look after the necessary migration steps and take care of all aspects of keeping operations running. That way, we can ensure that you enjoy the advantages of the cloud without needing to dedicate resources of your own.

What makes Syntax SAP Services special

SAP and industry expertise

We have manufacturing in our blood and have been SAP partners from a very early stage. This combination of experience means we can help our customers build SAP systems that are a perfect fit for their current needs and compatible with future plans. We are familiar with industrial processes and understand the current and future requirements for IT systems that are innovative, and that add value and align with the business model.

360° outlook

We know the entire SAP life cycle comprising consulting, implementation services and operation. Irrespective of whether we operate the systems or simply consult and plan, our customers get pragmatic, efficient and manageable SAP solutions that deliver in practice. And when we supply all of the services concerned, we can add valuable synergies for the customer.

A partnership of equals

Communication and cooperation are the foundations of our work. We work as your partner and make your objectives our own. This approach and our highly engaged, experienced consultants are the basis for our customers’ success.

Network for innovation

Our wide network of partners, which has been nurtured for decades, helps us foster innovation that lets our customers achieve their goals. Essential components of this are our close ties with AWS and Microsoft for the operation of SAP in public cloud systems. And of course we are an SAP Gold Partner of many years’ standing.

Experience, experience, experience

We bring more than 40 years of SAP full-service experience in the industry to every project: consulting, implementation services, service management, SAP solution hosting (on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid). We don’t just play around, we’ve done everything or something similar at least once before. And every bit of experience we take from a project benefits the rest of our customers too.

Our core sectors

Processes and everyday work look a lot different in a medium-sized automotive supplier compared with a business supplying financial services. Since the delivery of SAP Services is directly linked with business processes, business models and a company’s innovation, service providers need to have in-depth understanding of the industries concerned. Practical experience is even more important than just having read the theory.

We concentrate on providing SAP Services to manufacturing companies.

These are organisations where the MES and logistics systems are at the centre, or even solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). SAP customers have to combine tools like SAP MES and SAP SCM, to name but two, with the business management packages such as SAP CRM, SAP HR and SAP FI/CO, etc. in a harmonious ensemble. And we know how that works in an industrial setting.

Our SAP Services are targeted at businesses in all segments of the manufacturing and processing sectors. These include the automotive sector, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, food production and processing, metalworking, electronics; we have industry-specific process templates to support your specific requirements for every area.

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Excellence: Syntax is a SAP Consulting champion

The independent firm of analysts techconsult has identified Syntax as an above-average capable and experienced partner when it comes to SAP consulting. This was the outcome of the Professional User Ratings for SAP Services, in which Syntax came out on top, winning highest rated “Champion” status in the SAP Consulting category. The results are based on interviews of more than 1,500 IT professionals from a range of user businesses, who submitted separate ratings for companies and customer service. In addition to securing the top rating for innovation, service portfolio, service delivery and scope, and customer care, Syntax drew praise from the experts surveyed for its high quality of consulting on complex SAP projects.

PUR 2022 Award SAP Consulting

Top SAP Consulting Provider Quadrant

SAP Services with Syntax: our four-step process

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1. Situation analysis and definition of the objective

  • Talk to all of the stakeholders, from the C-suite to IT and key users in departments
  • Analyse the customer’s IT and business challenges
  • Define the qualitative and quantitative targets. Optimise IT efficiencies, develop IT to add value for new business models, etc.
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2. Scoping and planning

  • Interdisciplinary workshops at various levels, including Design Thinking
  • Agree firm goals, define IT operating models and SLAs, set realisation plan in stone
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3. Agile realisation/implementation

  • Use agile methods to realise the planned measures, such as putting in place processes, implementing the software infrastructure, etc.
  • Rapid adaptations before live production, permanent feedback loops to ensure smooth transition
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4. Operation and continual improvement

  • Management of SAP software as part of our SAP AMS operation: application management, continual development of the system environment, user support, etc.
  • Discovery of data-led synergies as the basis for new digital business models and to support in their development and implementation

FAQ: SAP Services

What is the SAP product strategy?

The cornerstone of the SAP product strategy is SAP S/4HANA. This will be the mandatory SAP basis system from 2027 onwards, when support for the legacy SAP ECC system will come to an end. S/4HANA has been developed for operation in the cloud. SAP sees the cloud as the operating environment of the future. With this in mind, SAP has moved away from the traditional model of software versions. Instead it provides quarterly updates that include new features and function upgrades that integrate automatically into the customer’s S/4HANA system. Handling these updates requires a good deal of background knowledge and as much practical expertise as possible. For this reason it is an activity that many businesses seek to outsource to an IT service provider as part of a SAP Application Management Service (SAP AMS).