Syntax Logismo – a mobility boost for SAP S/4HANA in logistics

In many companies, SAP is at the core of the logistics process. While SAP S/4HANA applications are optimised for use on desktops in the office, workers in the warehouse, constantly on the move, work more efficiently and effectively with handheld scanners or other mobile devices, on which standard UIs do not run. We have connected the two with the Syntax Logismo App.

SAP S/4HANA on mobile devices

Syntax Logismo allows users to operate SAP S/4HANA using mobile devices, transparently and with no limits on functionality. The app can also combine certain elements that would normally require desk-bound employees to toggle between different applications.

Logismo runs on all common Android-based handheld scanners and on smart phones and tablets running iOS and Android. The device’s on-board scanner or camera can be used by warehouse workers to scan barcodes and view and work with relevant information and processes in the SAP systems. The app includes access to SAP functions, which are consolidated according to activity and displayed clearly despite the small screen sizes, optimised for the actual work flows in warehouse logistics. It is compatible with both SAP Inventory Management and SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

Warehouse workers at the core of the SAP processes

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Receipt of goods

Logismo means packages can be scanned anywhere, not just in the loading bay. The app on the worker’s handheld screen lets them post the delivery straight to the system, verifying order and delivery quantities or triggering downstream processes without needing to switch to a laptop or desktop.

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Inventory management

Logismo allows companies to run reduced-paper warehousing operations without making their employees walk miles in the process. Staff can scan barcodes to check where individual parts are stored and how many are in stock. Stocks can be moved easily as required. The app on the screen knows the current and future storage locations, and the employee can confirm the movement with a tap.

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Shipment of goods

Logismo combines digital shipping documents, scanner functions and logistics processes. This significantly simplifies and speeds up the shipment process, irrespective of whether packages are destined for external customers or transfer to production. Simply scan and use a finger to direct the downstream process.

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Stocktaking exercises can be carried out in real time with Logismo, as the app provides directly access to the SAP systems. It can even be installed on temporary warehouse workers’ own mobile devices, with all the necessary security features of course. Digital signatures help companies implement secure processes that cannot be manipulated – a key step towards paper-free logistics.

One app – many uses

Logismo bridges the SAP environment and the real world in the warehouse. This means a number of benefits for companies and their staff.

  • Capture and work in one app: Employees no longer need to scurry back and forth between loading bays, storage locations and workstation computers.
  • Simpler and faster: Logismo delivers all of the functions that warehouse workers really need in a single environment.
  • More flexibility: While SAP normally demands that users enter a document number to get started, Logismo supports searching with other criteria.
  • Fast stocktaking with a large team: Seasonal or temporary workers can work directly and securely in the SAP system using smart phones, reducing hardware costs.
  • Low training requirement: Logismo is intuitive and easy for people who have no prior SAP experience to use, so new staff can get to work immediately.
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