Born in Germany

Raising the bar everywhere

Our Story

What’s our story? Well, it all started way back in 1972…

That’s the year SAP’s founding fathers began collaborating with our parent company, the Freudenberg Group, in Weinheim, Germany. Working in the Freudenberg Group’s data center (think SAP’s garage), five tech visionaries began writing the software that would become the world’s leading ERP system. In 1977, The Freudenberg Group became SAP’s 7th customer.

In 1995, using expertise it gleaned as an SAP collaborator and customer, Freudenberg IT (FIT) emerged from the group as a spin-off.

In 2003, FIT premiered in America. In 2005, FIT Asia made its debut in China. Today, FIT is flourishing around the globe. And not just in the SAP channel either. See, we understand that you rely on other business-critical software – such as Microsoft – to run your company so we’ve created a service portfolio that can support nearly all your digital enterprise needs.

Our Character...

In 140 words

Our Character

We’re easygoing hard workers. We’re imperfect perfectionists.

FIT is not your typical IT services company. We’re more partner than provider. On purpose. For us, earning your trust is just as important as earning your business. So we’ll never hustle you. Instead, we’ll hustle for you. We don’t buy hype. And we sure as heck don’t sell it. Ever. We believe actions speak louder than words. And results trump promises. Always. We understand ones and zeros while being mindful of X’s and O’s. We heart tech and hate “it can’t be done.” We’re not pushy. Still, we will push back when we think it’s best for you. We know simple is never easy, yet strive for it relentlessly. We like donuts at work and could stand to lose a few pounds. We’re FIT. And, yes, we see the irony in that.

You are here

(Hey, so are we!)

Our Locations

Our all-world service extends all over the globe.

When we say we have a global presence, we mean it. FIT has locations around the world. So we’re able to serve you around the clock. In your regional time zone and, when possible, in your native language. You could say our global presence keeps you from going round in circles when you need help.

A proud member of the
Freudenberg family

Carl Johann Freudenberg, circa 1860
Founder of the Freudenberg Group

Our Parent Company

A proud member of the Freudenberg family

FIT is a brand of the Freudenberg Group—a family-owned global technology group that serves its customers, and society, with forward-looking innovations.

The Freudenberg Group began as a tannery in 1849 and is headquartered in Weinheim, Germany. Together with its partners, customers and the world of science, the Freudenberg Group develops leading-edge technologies, and excellent products, solutions and services for more than 30 market segments and for thousands of applications: seals, vibration control components, nonwovens, filters, specialty chemicals, medical products, IT services and the most modern cleaning products.

Innovation strength, strong customer orientation, diversity and team spirit are the cornerstones of the Group. Commitment to excellence, reliability and proactive, responsible action belong to the company’s core values lived for more than 165 years. In 2015, the Freudenberg Group employed over 40,000 people in some 60 countries worldwide and generated sales of more than $8.2 billion (including pro-rata consolidation of 50:50 joint ventures).

So as you size up FIT, know that we’re not some small player or struggling start-up. On the contrary. We’re a rock solid organization backed by one of the strongest, most reputable privately-held companies on the planet.

Learn more about the Freudenberg Group, its Guiding Principles and its Corporate Social Responsibility.