Syntax Global Service Desk

A Cost-Effective Managed Service Desk Solution

Your support analysts do their best to resolve problems. However, the volume of requests can often be high, leaving service desk tickets unresolved and your IT staff overwhelmed.

Solving daily IT issues is all-consuming, allowing little time to focus on high-value IT initiatives.

This is where the Syntax Global Service Desk can help.

With a cost-effective way to deliver a better end-user experience, Syntax can help you unleash your IT talent to do more.

We Solve the Traditional
Service Desk Dilemma.

Syntax Global Service Desk is Designed to Excel.

Syntax Global Service Desk
True In-Region Availability

Syntax answers the service desk challenge with locations in the European Union, North America and China – global capabilities with true in-region availability.

Through online, email and phone communication options, your end users will get 24×7 access to Syntax Service Desk support.

Highly Trained, Knowledgeable Support

Our discipline around knowledge onboarding and training, including soft skills and SDI and HDI certifications of all Syntax Service Desk agents, supports a quality end-user experience. Freeing your valuable IT Staff to focus on more business-critical IT functions.

Certifications and Training

Certified by the Service Desk Institute (SDI) and HDI

Key Benefits of the Syntax Global Service Desk
  • Global 24×7 capabilities
  • True in-region support via locations in the Europe, North America and China
  • Multi-language support with native language skills
  • Flexible billing options
  • All agents are HDI and SDI certified
  • Continuous improvement and built-in quality assurance
  • Level 2 on-site support

Better Experience. Cost Effective. Syntax Service Desk.


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