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The cost effective, intelligent and proactive monitoring tool for Oracle ERP

Syntax EnterpriseCare® Monitoring

Today’s ERP Monitoring landscape forms a paradox: Too many ERP monitoring tools providing too little information. The Enterprise monitoring market is flooded with tools that measure server speed, storage usage levels, and network response time. IT Managers might find those metrics useful but, at the end of the day, business stakeholders need answers to questions like:

  • Can I complete payroll and/or MRP runs before my deadline?
  • Will my monthly, quarterly or fiscal year-end close complete and financial statements be available on time?
  • Will customer orders ship on time?

Syntax EnterpriseCare® ERP Monitoring Solutions deliver answers to these questions through a single solution framework that correlates information from a myriad of data sources, to deliver the actionable information that Oracle E-Business Suite users need to proactively resolve issues before they grow into problems.

Syntax has tailored its EnterpriseCare® ERP Monitoring solutions to deliver what users value the most: A cost-effective, scalable monitoring tool that allows you to identify and eliminate performance issues and bottlenecks before they impact your ERP environment.

Syntax EnterpriseCare® for Oracle EBS

Over a 25-year period, Syntax has designed and deployed its EnterpriseCare® ERP Monitoring for Oracle E-Business Suite by integrating over 260 custom-monitors on Nagios’ open source framework.

Our custom Oracle EBS Monitors protect mission critical areas such as security, Oracle EBS Workflow, Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware and Oracle SOA to name just a few. Syntax’s monitoring solution penetrates deep into your Oracle E-Business Suite implementation, detecting poorly architected SQL and PL/SQL statements, reviewing functional configurations, Top I/O, ensuring batch jobs execute quickly and even resolving blocking locks.

Syntax EnterpriseCare®

Proactive automation replaces a static alert

All conventional enterprise monitoring tools pretty much work the same way: the monitor gathers data from your network, operating system, database and applications, and after certain thresholds are passed, an alert is generated and routed to someone in the IT department who is tasked with identifying the root cause of the issue and then finding a remedy.

With Syntax EnterpriseCare® Monitoring for Oracle EBS, an alert is only the beginning

An alert from Syntax EnterpriseCare® triggers a series of events:

017 - BM_Blue


First, the system automatically creates a service request.



Second, the system suggests a solution based on the nature of the problem.

014 - Custom_Blue


Third, the system assigns an appropriately-skilled expert to the service request. In many cases, the system automatically executes predefined fixes.

Business stakeholders typically don’t focus on issues like mal_formed SQL_IDs, troublesome standard and custom SQL code, PL/SQL Bottlenecks, or verifying that a Concurrent Program completed successfully, but left unattended problems tied to any one of these issues can seriously disrupt operations.

Syntax Custom ERP Monitoring Solutions have been refined and tailored not only to identify Issues, but to remediate them long before A business disruption can occur.

The graphic above depicts the seamless, proactive detection and resolution of an Oracle Database /bdump Directory issue by our Custom Monitoring Solution. The monitor tracks usage and storage levels in the /bdump directory which can cause a DB crash if the directory fills up. At 12:40 storage usage levels exceeded normal parameters, within six minutes a service request was created, including the instance, the directory impacted and suggestions on extending the file system. As a result, within four minutes the file system had been extended, and the service request was closed.

Learn how you can start improving things with Syntax EnterpriseCare® today

Take the first step to proactively optimizing your Oracle JD Edwards or Oracle E-Business Suite of applications today. Click here to download our EnterpriseCare® data sheet and/or contact Syntax today for a no cost analysis of how EnterpriseCare® can help you today.

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