SAP Business Technology Platform

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Accelerate innovation and business differentiation with your critical business processes and data

Our offering

SAP’s Business Technology Platform combines application development, automation, data management, analytics and planning, integration, and AI capabilities in a unified environment optimized to drive business innovation and deliver a clean core. Let’s begin your innovation journey and discuss how Syntax can extend your solutions in the cloud.

How we can help

Our experts can assist in architecting and designing solutions spanning BTP’s applications and services to extend your S/4HANA functionality, automate business processes, deliver impactful data and analytics or embed operational intelligence into your business process with AI and ML, while maintaining a clean core.

Application Development

Create new or extend new applications or business processes in an integrated low-code or pro-code with SAP Build.  


Create, monitor and analyze workflows and robotically automated business processes across the enterprise and beyond with SAP Build Automation.  


Extend your S/4HANA environment reach using events and more than 5000 standard delivered events, API’s and integrations or have your own custom integrations created with SAP Integration Suite. 


Give data meaningful purpose and infuse intelligence into your processes and planning with connected business applications using a comprehensive data fabric and visualizations.  

Artificial Intelligence

Infuse intelligence into your applications and business process with BTP AI Foundation as a base for enabling AI, ML and Gen AI solution from SAP, 3rd Parties and Syntax.  

Explore our solutions

Introducing Syntax’s Project Forecasting Lite application.

Project based organizations often struggle to have clear visibility into their job-sites, risking project success. Many of the forecasting tools on the market are cumbersome to use, difficult to integrate and costly to implement. That’s why we built Project Forecasting Lite—a pragmatic solution for project forecasting built on SAP Business Technology Platform and fully integrated with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition.

Offerings to align with your cloud journey

SAP Client Health Check

Evaluate the current state of your SAP systems over the course of 90 minutes. Led by experienced SAP consultants.

Syntax Compass Program

Navigate your journey to the cloud with our Syntax Compass Program offering with our comprehensive suite of services.

Syntax Wheelhouse

No matter whether you’re currently running your mission critical applications on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud, our operational services will help accelerate and manage your digital transformation.

Syntax S/4HANA Readiness Plan

Our SAP S/4HANA migration planning and business case methodology provides a structured way to approach your migration that allows you to better understand and prepare for the transition to the cloud.