One Growing Team. One Amazing Journey.

Why Syntax?

Join our team of talented individuals who are dedicated to creating an exceptional customer experience. You will rise to rewarding challenges, develop your skills and realize your top potential.

Our mission for our team is to ensure job satisfaction through respect, teamwork and skill development. We are focused on creating a challenging and professional work environment which fosters personal growth and achievement. We are dedicated to maximizing the potential of our greatest asset: our employees.

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What Sets Us Apart?


Superior Customer Service

We are committed to creating the best experience for our customers. From initial proposal through final delivery of services, our customers are treated as if they are the only one we have.

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We continuously improve our customer facing processes to deliver optimal results. The vast expertise of our team allows us to reach solution s more quickly and accurately than our competition.

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Our business model makes it easy for customers to work with us. With 24/7 access to our talent and transparency within our organization, working with Syntax is simple and convenient. We stand out by being a partner to our customers, offering innovative solutions and industry leading customer service.

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Syntax Cares

Our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility program, is an employee-led initiative focused on growing the next generation of leaders through global education empowerment. Through volunteerism and funding allocated specifically to education programs, Syntax teams build up communities and empower students to change the world.

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Global Flex

When you have the freedom to choose when and where you work that makes you more productive and content, you can build your career around your life, not your life around your career. Syntax established the Global Flex program as part of its commitment to the work-life balance of our employees and leverages the role based flexible work solutions, that will enable us to meet this commitment. Learn More

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“I am thrilled with my move to work at Syntax; a very proactive and dedicated bunch, looking to constantly improve and implement cutting edge technologies for all of its clients. The leadership team has a clear picture of their business objectives and encourages and supports all employees towards reaching this goal and achieving their full potential. Many opportunities to grow and learn new and exciting things, with an amazing atmosphere in the office.”

Roupen Sarkissian,
PC Deployment Administrator,
Montreal, Canada

“Working at Syntax has been amazing! Just a few companies care this much about the work place environment, this is one of the reasons I feel truly flattered and grateful for being part of the Syntax Mexico Team.”

Gabriela Maya,
Accounting Analyst,
Puebla, Mexico

“Working at Syntax means I face different challenges every day. That’s why I love working here! I am encouraged knowing that my team depends on me doing my best—And I will not let them down.”

Stephen Cardoza,
Customer Service Center (CSC) Agent
Puebla, Mexico

“Syntax is a very dynamic company, being part of it has allowed me to grow as a professional. I immediately received a warm welcome and felt part of the team. I identify with the values and the energy of the people.”

Erendira Sanchez,
HR Generalist,
Puebla, Mexico

“Working at Syntax has been a wonderful opportunity to learn and advance my professional career. The employees and leaders are supportive and collaborative. Each person is essential to the success of the team enabling us to support our numerous customers. I am proud to be part of this fabulous team.”

Guillermo Vivaldo,
SAP Basis Consultant,
Puebla, Mexico

“Being part of the Syntax family has been a wonderful experience. I feel supported by the management team and I am certain that I will continue to grow professionally. I am committed to giving my best to our customers, partners and colleagues.”

Cristobal Garcia,
SAP Basis Operations Director,
Puebla, Mexico

“I enjoy working with talented individuals who aim to achieve the best results. Our culture, welcomes new ideas, employees are collaborative and easy to talk to.”  

Sandra Czichon,
Senior Recruiter,

“Workdays are varied allowing me to use all my skills. I apply my knowledge as a mechanical engineer and constantly learn new things. Syntax is challenging, fun and enables my professional growth.”

Jakob Weber,
Senior Consultant,

“Syntax offers services for customers all over the world – that makes us special! The challenges are fun, the environment is friendly, and everyone is collaborative. Colleagues are supportive and always willing to help.”

Yvonne Drogosch,
Customer Support Specialist,


“I’ve been with Syntax for many years and have been able to improve my skills and find personal growth during this time. I’ve been privileged to work with various teams and projects, and it provided me with different learning and growth opportunities. Furthermore, Syntax has enabled me to find a good work life balance.”

Sabine Geese,
Consultant AMS,

“Syntax is a very dynamic company. Working at Syntax allows you to balance your career objectives and family life. The Syntax team is a great team to be part of.”

Ernst Schneider,
Service Manager,

“It is a privilege to be part of Syntax. I am previewed to career development, friendly colleagues and training opportunities.”

Li Ziwei,
IT Consultant from Client Services Team,

“I’ve been working at Syntax for over 6 years, and it allowed me the chance to grow my skills and career. The company encourages everyone to provide their feedback, opinions and suggestions.”

Shen Jingwei,
Marketing Manager,

“Syntax has cutting edge technology and provides a learning atmosphere that gives me a sense of accomplishment. We work in close collaboration and celebrate everyone’s success on the team. Working at Syntax provides me the learning environment to improve and grow my expertise.”

Zhang Yang,
IT Consultant from SAP Basis Team,

“Being an employee of Syntax means being a member of the Syntax family. You are more than just a number! Syntax is an amazing company where you can grow and be recognized and have opportunities to be promoted. Life is so beautiful with Syntax!”

Rupert Kovacs,
Senior SAP Basis Consultant,

“My journey with Syntax started June 2018 as a part-time employee. Since then I was able to learn and grow. I’ve been entrusted with responsibilities in my work on levels that I never experienced in my previous company. It has enabled me to become more independent, reliable to colleagues and most importantly to earn a place as a full-time employee and be part of such an amazing team. My colleagues in Košice have helped me become a better person both professionally and personally!”

Jakub Dorcak,
Junior Sharepoint Administrator,

Our Company Values


Be ethical, be honest and always do what’s right.


Share your expertise. Unconditionally support your colleagues and clients. Always be your best!


Always deliver excellence, the details matter!


Be diligent and see things through to the end. Own it!


Find innovative, creative solutions for complex problems. Streamline, accelerate, automate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The mission of the Syntax Corporate Social Responsibility Education Program is to empower our employees across the globe to identify opportunities to add value through volunteerism and charitable efforts, aiming to support and leave a long lasting impact on Education in our communities – locally, regionally, and globally.

Through focused initiatives, annual service day activities and funding, Syntax and its employees take pride in contributing towards making education an enlightening experience.