ERP & cloud solutions for Automotive companies

Driving innovation in the auto sector

Automotive companies are at a crossroads. Innovative processes and technologies are opening new roads to the future from the rapid evolution of electric and autonomous vehicles to the widespread integration of sensors that monitor vehicles both on and off the road.

To stay ahead of the competition, manufacturers must manage their innovation investments while juggling higher operating costs and complex supply chain challenges. EDIT

Key market factors

  • Reinventing how vehicles work and how they’re powered
  • Rapidly shifting customer expectations for electric vehicles
  • Shrinking availability and rising cost of inputs
  • Managing supply chain challenges

Building the company of the future today

Achieving success starts by ensuring you have the technologies and tools needed to streamline your operations, focus your investments efficiently, improve your supply chain, and make better strategic decisions overall. With the right technology foundation, you can ensure you have the data and insights you need to move forward with confidence.

We can help you:

  • Reduce the complexities of your asset operations.
  • Simplify your reporting and analysis.
  • Reduce environment, health, and safety risks.
  • Recruit and retain the right people.
  • Amplify and enhance the user experience.

Empowering your business

To capitalize on innovations and become an automotive company of the future, agility and responsiveness will be critical. That’s why it’s important to make your operations as seamless and integrated as possible and to migrate your mission-critical systems and applications to the cloud, so you can scale to meet surges in demand or the sudden availability of supplies.

We help automotive companies:

  • Implement secure, integrated, and cloud-based ERP solutions that work across the project lifecycle and promote innovation.
  • Implement a comprehensive managed public, private or hybrid cloud solution plan for mission-critical applications.
  • Enable data analytics and IoT deployment across fleet operations and field-deployed hard assets to enhance decision-making across operations.
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and agility across multiple processes and systems.

Customer stories

Nikola Motors

“If you plan for the future and lay a solid foundation with your implementation partner, RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition can scale to your business needs.”

CIO, Nikola Motors

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Smart Press Shop

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Drive innovation and profit

Our team has extensive experience working with automotive companies to improve operations and empower innovation capabilities through ERP and cloud-based solutions and integrate and leverage smart data analytics across the organization.


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