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Our solutions enhance SAP applications through the use of advanced hyperscale capabilities, facilitating operational improvements and efficiencies. It addresses the challenge of cloud migration for SAP users, enabling them to overcome the limitations of remaining within the SAP upgrade ecosystem and leverage the full potential of hyperscalers. This solution is specifically designed to foster innovation by seamlessly integrating applications with the cloud infrastructure

Customer stories

Fortis Ontario

“We hope to see a significant cost reduction when opting for this ‘in-house’ solution, and also greater reliability and control over our document storage.”

Geoff Visentin
Manager of Information Technology, FortisOntario

Rely on Hyperscalers object storage services for your business documents

CxLink Documents revolutionizes SAP document management by seamlessly integrating cloud storage solutions like AWS and Azure, offering a transparent user experience. This certified SAP add-on enables efficient document storage and retrieval, supporting CMIS alongside Archivelink for both public and private setups including RISE. Its innovative features include Vendor Invoice Management for automatic SAP data entry and advanced metadata handling. With Documents+, it leverages generative AI for enhanced document interaction. Designed for multicloud environments, CxLink ensures secure, encrypted data transfer and storage, simplifying cloud connectivity and optimizing business processes with its cutting-edge technology and flexible configuration.

Augment SAP ILM capabilities to store your archived data on hyperscalers object storage services

CxLink Archive redefines SAP data management by offering a certified, cloud-native archiving solution. Seamlessly integrate with hyperscaler storage services for robust, secure data archiving and swift recovery. Minimize costs and complexity with our easy-to-deploy, serverless architecture, backed by Syntax’s dedicated support. CxLink Archive integrates with all data archiving SAP features (SARA, DART and ILM). CxLink ensures secure, encrypted data transfer and storage, simplifying cloud connectivity and optimizing business processes with its cutting-edge technology and flexible configuration. Propel your enterprise with cutting-edge resiliency and simplified infrastructure.

Augment SAP SLT to replicate SAP data into AWS Data Lakes for high performance environments

CxLink Datalakes is a robust data management solution designed to simplify and enhance the data handling capabilities of businesses using SAP systems. It enables efficient system retirement by extracting SAP objects to dismantle environments, alongside facilitating the replication of SAP data catalogs to Athena and other technologies such as Snowflake, without migrating actual data. Leveraging standard SAP solutions and its SDK, it supports various configurations, including output types like JSON and CSV, and data transformation routines. The tool is AWS-integrated for seamless data storage and streamlining with S3 buckets and Amazon Kinesis Data Stream, offering a single data source for comprehensive data analysis, machine learning, and AI applications. Future enhancements include AI integration for configuration and log analysis, cloud provider diversification, improved monitoring tools, and the introduction of new data output formats.

Safeguard your SAP critical data on hyperscaler platforms with unmatched flexibilit

CxLink Backup is a cutting-edge SAP-certified software designed for the effortless backup and management of SAP database systems in the cloud, supporting AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud providing encrypted data security and compatibility with all SAP-supported databases such as Oracle, HANA, and SQL Server. Cost-effective and resource efficient, CxLink Backup directly stores data in the cloud, bypassing local disk storage. It’s highly configurable to optimize performance during backup processes. CxLink Portal facilitates license management, backup monitoring, and enables different teams to manage databases seamlessly. CxLink Backup is constantly evolving, with real-time backup status updates and expanded functionalities on the horizon, ensuring a versatile and reliable data protection solution.

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