SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Unlock agility and scalability with SAP on AWS

Shorten your migration timeline and get value from SAP's extensive services on AWS faster.


Unlock the secrets to a successful SAP on AWS migration

Lay the foundation for a seamless transition and maximize the benefits of running SAP on AWS.

  • Learn how adequate preparation shortens the migration timeline, reduces resource burden, and minimizes disruption.
  • Understand common cloud migration concerns and discover strategies to address them.
  • Use the 4-step plan to ensure a smooth and successful cloud migration.

Why move your SAP workloads to AWS?

Innovate SAP workloads with native cloud services

Leverage AWS, the hyperscaler with the most software-as-a-service solutions, to maximize the full potential of your SAP ERP.

Optimize your storage

Prioritize flexibility, scalability, and performance. Easily archive your SAP application data to AWS S3 instance with a Syntax-developed SAP-certified software solution – CxLink Archive.

Use hyperautomation and AI functionalities

Functionally extend the system and explore numerous SAP services on AWS, including ABAP Development Platform- a complete application development and runtime platform.

See the results

“As a partner, Syntax doesn’t try to pull the wool over your eyes; they will tell you what works and what doesn’t, in simple terms. The team is well motivated, with a good mix of technical expertise and a solutions-driven approach.”

Oliver Löffert
Head of Competence Center SAP Basis & Interface

IT staff monitoring and troubleshooting equipment

“After the implementation, backup performance improved. Before, it was running around 30 minutes. After the CxLink Backup implementation, the backups are taking only 10 minutes.”

David Cerami
VP of SAP Managed Services

How can Syntax help with SAP on AWS Migration?

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Security by Design

Benefit from our 24/7 monitoring, high availability setups, and disaster recovery plans. We offer automatic resource scaling for public cloud virtual servers.

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Progress Without Disruption

Syntax’s Modular Approach capitalizes on SAP’s insights and AWS’s infrastructure to choreograph new and existing technologies that drive specific outcomes to minimize downtime. We analyze your system landscape, clarify requirements, and develop a migration strategy for a smooth migration experience.

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Trusted Expertise

With 12+ years of experience in SAP on AWS, Syntax is a leading provider. We’re proud to be the first non-Global System Integrator with AWS SAP Competency and AWS Premier Partnership.

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Industry-Driven Innovation

Harness Syntax’s industry context and expertise to prioritize and orchestrate SAP and AWS capabilities across your business’s value chain. Benefit from tailored solutions, intelligent automation, and industry-specific best practices.

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Full-Stack Transparency

Benefit from end-to-end visibility into your system, from infrastructure to applications. Gain insights into performance, resource utilization, and cost optimization to make informed decisions.

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Responsive Optimization

Proactively monitor and optimize your SAP on AWS environment for peak performance and efficiency, identifying and addressing vulnerabilities and bottlenecks using advanced analytics for uninterrupted operations.


Years working on SAP


Years working on SAP on AWS


Lower infrastructure costs


Fewer security events

We can answer your SAP on AWS migration questions

Will we be able to keep control over our Data?

Yes. Maintain control of your data with advanced encryption and key management services. Additionally, we support you with our own solutions that help to innovate SAP workloads with native cloud services and a complete automation suite to stay secure and optimized.

What is the security like?

You can rely on dedicated AWS security tools for infrastructure monitoring, identifying anomalies in data streams and encrypting data transmissions. Thanks to ITIL-certified process, Syntax experts manage the AWS services in accordance with best practices on your behalf.

How will we control the costs?

At the beginning of each project, our team of FinOps Certified Practitioners starts with a detailed TCO analysis including current infrastructure and its renewal, rental and maintenance, DC power and cooling, insurance, as well as software costs for operating systems and backup tools. Optimization of license costs brings additional savings. Depending on the setup you can reduce expenses by 15-20%.

How can we define the new hybrid environment?

Leverage our expertise to design your optimal SAP on AWS hybrid environment, considering dependencies and requirements.

Can we get storage flexibility?

Yes. We assess your storage needs and provide flexibility for future archiving and migration.

Do we have different region options?

Absolutely. Deploy your platform in your preferred AWS region. AWS prioritizes security and hosts >5000 SAP workloads worldwide.