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Navigate your journey to the cloud

Services help you plan, migrate, and optimize your SAP solutions in the cloud


Plotting your next steps toward digital modernization

When companies implement ERP software, they’re making a significant investment of time, resources, and money. Many organizations believe that once the software has been implemented, they don’t need to do anything else. But the reality is, your business and your environment are constantly changing. Ensure you get the most value from you SAP investments and achieve your business objectives with our Syntax Advisory Services.

Why Syntax?

With our industry expertise, we’re the trusted advisor you want by your side as you plan, migrate, and optimize your SAP solutions in the cloud. We support the full SAP lifecycle journey with our comprehensive suite of services.  

Full stack offering

Our advisory team is led by experienced SAP   consultants to provide both functional and technical migration services.

Industry expertise

Truly realizing a technology’s value requires industry context. Our industry-specific SAP qualified accelerators will help you realize the value of SAP solutions.

Global reach

We can leverage resources worldwide to help you achieve your business outcomes.

Partner expertise

Take advantage of our partner status with SAP and AWS to offset the costs of our advisory services.

Navigating your journey to the cloud

Have you already begun your move to SAP S/4HANA Cloud? The Syntax Compass program includes a suite of offerings like our SAP Client Health Check. Lets discuss how it can help your business identify key consideration for your move to the cloud.

Book a free session with one of our trusted advisors to discuss your move to SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Customer successes


We now had a full value case and a full roadmap and full costs associated with moving forward, so internally we met and sat down to discuss moving forward. We could see that there were significant benefits to moving to SAP S/4HANA.Those benefits included moving to one ERP platform globally, which is a big strategic enabler for us, and moving to S/4HANA Cloud fully SaaS, as we don’t want to get into the business of having internal data centers. It helped us both advance our cloud strategy and our cloud enablement strategy.

Graham Marwick
Vice President, Information at Alkermes

Offerings to align with your cloud journey

Client health check

Evaluate the current state of your SAP systems, over the course of 90 minutes. Led by experienced SAP consultants.

Value assessment

Define your project scope and technology roadmap to  identify desired outcomes, pain points, and opportunities in an in-depth review of the value you’re getting from your SAP investment.

Cloud migration assessment

Assess all software, hardware and networks for cloud migration to identify “what is” and “to be” state of systems. Producing the technical details, account strategies, and operations models of migrating to the cloud.

Cloud migration readiness planning

Determine the plan to get from “what is” to “to be. Creating accounts, instances, databases, and other critical components of a cloud system and determining how they will be transferred to the cloud platform. Producing a plan, cost estimate and operation model for your migration.