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ERP solutions for Paper & Packaging Companies

Driving innovation

In today’s fast-moving market, every day brings new challenges for meeting the booming demand for paper and packaging.  Cardboard, cartons, and other paper-based packaging have usually delivered the best options to meet consumer demand for sustainable practices. And the uptick in Extended Producer Responsibility legislation has further increased demand for paper and packaging.  Yet, in spite of demand, paper and packaging companies continue to face strong headwinds ranging from rising costs to supply chain disruption. Success requires these companies to operate more efficiently than ever before.

Industry trends

  • Booming demand for paper and packaging
  • Increasing regulatory action further boosting demand
  • Rising costs and tighter margins
  • Availability and cost of inputs
  • Managing supply chain challenges

Innovating for success

To respond and thrive, paper and packaging companies need to be more agile and cost effective than ever before, streamlining mission critical activities, and providing employees with the tools needed to become more proactive, innovative and customer centric.

We can help:

  • Improve supply, production, order processing, and procurement
  • Ensure all environment, health and safety regulations are met
  • Optimize asset-operational excellence
  • Build and improve relationships with your customers

Empowering your business through ERP solutions

We help paper and packaging companies leverage ERP solutions to minimize risks and seize new opportunities.  With our comprehensive set of solutions, we provide paper and packaging companies with the technology they need to support tomorrow’s growth initiatives and profitability goals.  We help:

  • Implement secure, integrated, and cloud-based ERP solutions that work across the project lifecycle and promote innovation.
  • Implement a comprehensive managed public, private or hybrid cloud solution plan for your mission-critical applications.
  • Enable data analytics and IoT deployment across fleet operations and field-deployed hard assets to enhance decision making across operations.
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and agility across multiple processes and systems.

Navigate change and plot a path to success

Our team has helped clients implement the right technology to proactively identify issues, take action, and stay profitable. No matter your stage of growth, we’re here to help.


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Customer stories

Monarch Cement

“SAP is the heartbeat of our organization. It’s the place where everything becomes connected, so that we have more reliable data that enables smarter decision making.”

Bill Meyer
IT Director, Monarch Cement

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