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Identify and resolving record locks on iSeries

In all databases with multiple processes accessing the data, record locks occur. These come up in the alerts you get from the web and enterprise server logs. Message: 11812/10172 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject jdbodbc.C8416 ODB0000164 – STMT:00 [HY000][-913][2] [IBM][System i Access ODBC Driver][DB2 for i5/OS]SQL0913 – Row or object F0101 in PRODDTA type *FILE in use. Failed […]

Setting Up Self-Service Password Reset in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

The Self-Service Password Reset capability available in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne allows users to reset their passwords without having to get an administrator involved. This allows users to avoid the downtime of waiting for an administrator and allows administrators to continue working on their tasks rather than stopping to reset a user’s password. With the ability […]

Improving EBS Performance with the Support Analyzer Bundle Menu Tool

Analyzers available within the Support Analyzer Bundle Menu Tool contain self-service health-check scripts that review data and analyze current configuration settings to help to optimize E-Business Suite system performance and keep Oracle software and systems healthy. These analyzers are designed to proactively assist in diagnosing and maintaining Oracle Application environments, identify many known issues across […]

Enhancing Oracle EBS Application Management: Capturing the Managed Server Name in the PROGRAM Column of the V$SESSION View

Author: Vineet Kumar Introduction As a Database Administrator (DBA) working with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications, ensuring the effective management and troubleshooting the environment is of paramount importance. One crucial aspect is capturing the managed server name in the PROGRAM column of the V$SESSION view. This enables improved configuration management and facilitates the identification and […]

How Does Online Patching Work in EBS 12.2?

Congratulations! You have just successfully implemented Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2!  After months of testing and working through issues, all your hard work has finally paid off. However, now that the general userbase is in the system, a few small issues have been reported and your DBA has found direct hits that suggest a few application […]