Posted On: April 6, 2020

The Dirty Little Secret About Your Company’s Mobile Devices

Did you know 24 percent of enterprise devices will never receive protection against critical vulnerabilities? Here’s how to keep your mobile data out of the hands of hackers. Corporate data has moved beyond your four walls and now lives on employees’ mobile devices. This makes smartphones, tablets, and other devices a prime target for attacks. […]

Posted On: April 1, 2020

Moving SAP Solutions to the Cloud: 7 Questions You Should Ask

Moving SAP to the cloud can increase your agility. Here are 7 questions to help you reduce your risks when you migrate your SAP mission-critical solutions to the cloud. Today’s enterprises rely on SAP. Did you know 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system? During the past 40 years, SAP has built a […]

Posted On: March 26, 2020

Resolving the Error Associated with Installing the Latest JDE Server Manager

While recently installing the latest Server Manager Agent, there was an issue with the Server Manager Agent connecting into the Server Manger Console. Here’s the error received: FINER: Unable to communicate with the management server ‘AWSE1DEP01’ on port ‘14501’. This is normal if the management server is not running.  Will try again in 30 […]

Posted On: March 24, 2020

How to Develop a Successful SAP Managed Cloud Strategy

The time and effort you invest in creating your cloud strategy will help you better manage cloud expectations, scope, and risks. If you’re transferring your workloads to the public and/or private cloud, you might be under pressure to deliver a quick, cheap, and high-quality migration. However, it’s impossible to hit all three of these targets. […]

Posted On: March 17, 2020

How to Get Ahead with the Cloud When You’ve Fallen Behind

Are your competitors using the cloud to innovate? Are you worried about falling behind? Here are five steps you should take to gain an edge. Are you having trouble getting your cloud initiatives off the ground? If so, you’re not alone. Many enterprises have taken a “wait-and-see” approach to the cloud. For example, some have moved non-essential applications […]

Posted On: March 10, 2020

Hybrid Cloud vs. Multi Cloud: What CIOs Should Know

More organizations are dividing their workloads between multiple public and private clouds. Here are the things you should consider before you move to the hybrid cloud or multi cloud. The cloud revolution is gaining momentum. “The cloud is in hypergrowth mode” as enterprises “depend on mixed networks composed of multiple cloud service providers, third-party cloud […]

Posted On: March 3, 2020

How to Simplify Identity Management with SAP Single Sign-On

SAP Single Sign-On gives users one password for all their applications – boosting your security, improving your IT efficiencies, and making employees more productive. The average business user has 191 passwords. Despite education on password best practices, 61 percent of employees use the same or similar login credentials everywhere. They also share an average of four […]

Posted On: February 28, 2020

RDS vs. EC2: Microsoft SQL Workloads on AWS

If you’re using or considering SQL Server on the Amazon Cloud (AWS), you can bring your own SQL licenses for use on a default Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) tenant, provided that you have purchased software assurance. You cannot bring your own SQL licenses for use on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). So depending on your […]

Posted On: February 20, 2020

What is Managed Cloud and Is It Right for Your Enterprise?

The collective experience at a managed service provider can propel you to the cloud faster by giving you the right combination of services and customization. Before choosing a managed cloud provider, be sure to clearly define your goals and what is necessary to outsource. The New Face of the CIO The role of the CIO […]

Posted On: February 13, 2020

Oracle Monitoring Moment: Finally Eliminating Oracle EBS 500 Internal Server Errors

Oracle E-Business Suite has been part of the IT business landscape for over three decades. Measured by the user experience alone, Oracle Corporation has improved the solution tremendously since its release in the 1990’s. Yet, here in the 2020’s, even mundane issues like login errors continue to aggravate veteran Oracle EBS users, sometimes on a […]

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