Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Managed Services

Prescriptive solutions to ensure your Oracle E-Business Suite systems are running at peak performance.


Continuous Innovation with an Industry-Leading ERP Platform

Oracle E-Business Suite maintains its position as the preferred ERP solution for over 8,000 organizations worldwide. With a support timeline extending until 2034 and beyond, businesses continue to invest in this robust platform. Oracle perpetuates its commitment to E-Business Suite by introducing new features, such as the Enterprise Command Center dashboards. However, many customers are yet to fully explore and leverage these enhancements. And Oracle’s Continuous Innovation strategy offers a less intrusive method of maintaining your ERP system with minimal risk and downtime.

Syntax provides a SaaS-like experience for EBS customers by providing full-stack support, from the cloud through the functionality layer of the application.  We provide 24 x 7 monitoring and management while also helping you take advantage of the latest innovations. And by utilizing subscription technology licensing available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Syntax has developed solutions that are more flexible, scalable, and cost effective than ever before.

Syntax’s portfolio of offerings for EBS covers the full ERP lifecycle, including technical and functional strategic roadmaps, health checks and assessments, upgrades and implementations, integrations, and managed services. And we go beyond the core ERP platform by offering cloud and managed services for the hundreds of other Oracle and non-Oracle applications, both packaged and SaaS, in the ERP ecosystem.

Business Challenges

  • Talent Management – Resources are hard to find, hard to keep, and need to sleep.
  • Cost Control – Unpredictable, runaway spend with periodic spikes.
  • System Availability – Disruptions cost money, opportunity, and reputation.
  • Scalability and Flexibility – Difficulty matching IT spend to fluid business demands.
  • Security and Compliance – Exponential growth of risk factors and business impact.
  • Velocity – Inability to pivot to meet market and customer expectations.
  • Core Competencies – Distraction from innovation and differentiation.
  • 24/7 Global Support – Unreliable, disjointed, and expensive coverage.

ERP managed services can help organizations reduce IT costs, improve uptime, and gain access to expertise

Gartner, “Market Guide for ERP Managed Services,” 2023.

  • 65% of businesses that implement ERP managed services report improved financial performance.
  • 55% of businesses that implement ERP managed services report improved customer service.
  • 45% of businesses that implement ERP managed services report improved compliance.
  • 35% of businesses that implement ERP managed services report improved employee productivity.

Syntax EBS Business Outcomes

24 x 7 x 365 Support

SLA-backed, full-stack support of all EBS components, from on-premises or cloud infrastructure, through the operating system and database, all the way to the business processes that you implement in EBS.

Improved Security and Compliance

Benefit from Syntax-managed SOC 1 and 2 reports, our 24 x 7 x 365 Security Operations Center (SOC), and a host of ERP security best practices.

Out-of-the-Box Best Practices

Access to more than 1,400 monitors that keep your systems available, performing well, and secure, along with 200+ automation-backed operational runbooks that improve meant time to recovery (MTTR), guarantee quality, and minimize human error.

Faster Time to Innovate

Syntax takes care of the day-to-day care and feeding of your ERP, but we also inspire you to innovate by showing you the art of the possible. Our 150+ EBS customers make use of the latest and greatest cloud and technology capabilities, and we help drive those solutions across our entire customer base.

Lower Risk

Syntax takes the risk out of your ability to manage staff retention, providing a broad and deep pool of technical and functional resources along with a documentation knowledgebase that always ensures we know what’s running and how to operate it.

Why Syntax for E-Business Suite Managed Services

Syntax’s E-Business Suite Application Managed Services provide organizations with peace of mind by handling the day-to-day management of their E-Business Suite environments, from application administration and technical support to system upgrades and security monitoring. This enables organizations to concentrate on essential business functions and innovation while leveraging the expertise of dedicated experts to maximize the value and effectiveness of their E-Business Suite ERP investment.

  • Personalized, boutique-at-scale service offerings
  • 30+ Years supporting Oracle E-Business Suite and related applications
  • Proven, Oracle-certified managed services capabilities
  • True 24 x 7 x 365 technical and functional support
  • Dedicated 24 x 7 x 365 security operations
  • Leading Certification and Compliance Standards Including SOC 1 Type II
  • Fully workload visibility with the CxHub customer portal


  • Multicloud-Certified partner with support across clouds (OCI, AWS, Azure, private) for the entire EBS ecosystem
  • Full-Stack, 24 x 7 Support from the cloud platform through the functional layer
  • Full-Lifecycle Services from strategic advisory services, through implementations, through ongoing support
  • 1,400+ Pre-Built Monitors to ensure your EBS system and related applications and infrastructure are available, performing, and secure
  • Automation of repetitive tasks like cloning, patching, and backups to ensure higher quality and faster response
  • Built-In Security at the infrastructure and application layers with privileged access management, endpoint detection and response, and vulnerability management, all backed by a 24 x 7 security operations center
  • Deep Oracle Relationship through our CSP and SMSP program status, with the ability to validate architectures, accelerate service request resolution, and prioritize features


Years Providing Cloud and Managed Services for Oracle EBS Applications


Active Oracle E-Business Suite Customers


Cloud Migrations


Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrades


Sell: Oracle E-Business Suite

Service Partner: Oracle E-Business Suite Applications to Oracle Cloud

Service Partner: CSPE: Oracle Cloud Platform – Oracle E-Business Suite Applications to Oracle Cloud

Features of Syntax E-Business Suite Managed Services

  • Named Contacts – Highly experienced technical and functional subject matter experts with comprehensive knowledge of E-Business Suite applications, technical features, and best practices
  • Flexible Pricing Models – Benefit from fixed-price delivery models for technical managed services offerings to ensure predictable spend for activities like patching and cloning
  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Syntax provides a robust ServiceNow platform for IT service management, and layers on more advanced capabilities with our CxHub customer portal so you can review tickets, availability, performance, and configuration data from a single pane of glass at any time
  • Single-Vendor Solution – Utilize a single vendor for project and managed services work across the entire software stack, allowing Syntax to utilize our institutional knowledge of your systems to drive better outcomes faster and more cost effectively
  • Full-Stack Solution – Syntax’s full-stack, Oracle-certified solutions blend technical and functional best practices to create a more highly available, better performing, and more secure operating environment
  • Advanced Intellectual Property – More than 1,400 monitors delivered through our Intelligent Autonomous Platform help customers avoid downtime and keep their businesses running, combined with the visibility to see the value Syntax creates through our CxHub multi-cloud customer portal
  • Continuous Improvement & Optimization – Regular technical and functional health checks, along with executive business reviews, ensure that you are taking advantage of the latest EBS features and getting value out of your Syntax relationship

Managed Services for E-Business Suite Solutions

E-Business Suite Managed Services on Cloud

Syntax provides a full-stack, SaaS-like solution for EBS on cloud, with a single invoice for infrastructure and full-stack technical support. Reference architectures guarantee availability, manageability, performance, and security, and our integrated monitoring prevents incidents before they happen. Combining this offering with our functional AMS service provides an end-to-end solution for customers to ensure they are using their EBS system optimally.

E-Business Suite Managed Services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

A flavor of our Cloud offering, running EBS in a hybrid mode or exclusively on OCI provides a world of flexibility and scalability benefits. Subscription technology licensing allows for both horizontal and vertical scalability for customers that have significant project requirements or spikey workloads. OCI platform capabilities allow customers to modernize support services like identity, integration, and analytics. Syntax’s Strategic MSP agreement with Oracle allows us to offer customers a single-vendor solution with pay-in-arrears cloud resources.

E-Business Suite Managed Services @ Customer

Not ready for the cloud? Syntax provides ongoing maintenance to assist you in avoiding costly surprises that can derail your monthly budget. We have multiple offerings that include full support or augmented support.

E-Business Suite Functional Application Managed Services

Syntax helps customers support and enhance their business processes, functional setups, and development requirements. With Oracle’s push toward Continuous Innovation Releases, we ensure you stay current with the latest features without any disruption to your day-to-day business. In today’s SaaS-driven world, we also help customers stay agile by responding quickly to SaaS release schedules and related integrations.

E-Business Suite Disaster Recovery Services

Dealing with cybersecurity in today’s world is precarious, and it’s more critical than ever for customers to have a robust disaster recovery solution. Syntax works with customers to build and manage disaster recovery solutions that fit any budget so you can manage risk.

Oracle EBS success stories

Learn how companies with mission-critical EBS systems are partnering with Syntax.

Bluescope Buildings sought a new hosting and managed services provider capable of architecting a solution that would ensure its Advanced Supply Chain Planning performance kept pace with its manufacturing operations. 

Migrating to the Syntax Enterprise Cloud® enabled L&L Products’ Oracle E-Business Suite to execute with clockwork precision delivering improved performance as well as predictable availability and uptime while integrating seamlessly with their supply chain. 

With a migration to the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®, Step2 was able to scale-up the performance of its Oracle EBS ecosystem ensuring operational efficiency in its manufacturing and shipping processes which resulted in increased capacity, innovation, and improved business performance. 

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