Digital Manufacturing

Reimagine manufacturing with a digital factory

Get the most out of your manufacturing operations using SAP software to drive productivity, improve visibility and lower your cost of ownership.


Rethink your digital strategy

Operational efficiency is a coveted standard. Yet, for the manufacturing industry, it’s not enough to only focus on efficiency. Current industry challenges have forced manufacturers to rethink digital strategies, in search of greater production flexibility and operational resiliency.

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Welcome to the digital factory

A digital factory offers a full stack of technology solutions to connect the top floor to the shop floor, establishing data flows between machines and across business processes to harness the power of Industrial Internet of the Things, data analytics and powerful algorithms.  Instead of operating together but side-by-side in their own silos, with the digital factory all functions of the manufacturer’s business – from finance to procurement, planning to production, logistics to field service – are interlinked and operate as part of a seamless, end-to-end process.

Worker using AWS cloud.

Benefits of the digital factory

Syntax places people at the center of the planning process and implementation of the digital factory. Our solutions support IT staff and workers alike, promote harmonious cooperation between man and machine and provide manufacturing companies with a number of important advantages:

Improved Transparency

Connecting IT systems from the top floor to the shop floor provides your managers with a clear view into all factory-wide processes.

Higher Quality

Transparent, traceable production processes will make it easier to identify and fix inefficient processes, and improve product quality.

Better Synergies

Digitally mapping processes across the entire value chain will reveal untapped synergies between your departments and functions.

Greater Efficiency

Electronic worker guidance and paperless production enables the real-time data exchange and automation of business and production processes.

Digital Factory as a Service

Syntax’s Digital Factory as a Service (DFaaS) offering brings together a combination of cloud solutions ranging from ERP and MES to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to provide manufacturers with everything they need to drive best in class operations.  All this available under a single flexible subscription model, ensuring companies pay for the services they use, not the functionality they don’t need.  And because its all hosted in the cloud, our DFaaS solution enables you to get up and running quickly and efficiently, with minimal investment in IT infrastructure and personnel.

Everything you need

Syntax places people at the center of the planning process and implementation of the digital factory. Our solutions support IT staff and workers alike, promote harmonious cooperation between man and machine and provide manufacturing companies with a number of important advantages:

  • ERP (S/4HANA)
  • MES (SAP Digital manufacturing cloud) plus IoT
  • Hosting
  • Security
  • AMS (ongoing maintenance)

Utlizing cost effective, subscription-based solution templates to avoid complex IT infrastructure.

Smart Press Shop builds a digital factory

“With Syntax, we have a partner at our side who knows how industrial companies tick, who knows the processes and special features. Therefore, they also understand which impulses are needed to rethink existing processes in terms of digitization. Together with the profound SAP and cloud know-how, the result is a unique mix. Industry, SAP, and Syntax belong together for me.”

Hendrik Rothe
Managing Director, Smart Press Shop

Smart Press Shop Factory


  • 100% traceable production – from raw materials to finished parts
  • 60% speed increase in production preparation
  • Up to 15% reduction in time to market

How Syntax can help you build a digital factory

Companies who figure out how to embrace complexity have a competitive advantage. Syntax’s passionate team combines manufacturing experts and solution expertise to help you choreograph that complexity. Our team provides a full range of end-to-end services, helping our customers implement and manage a full range of IT solutions from ERP and MES to IoT solutions – and to ensure that everyone works together – providing you with everything you need to drive results.

Everything in one place

We have it all—the capabilities of providing holistic solutions tailored to customer needs, and the experience needed to support your success.


Get up and running quickly with our preconfigured rapid implementations.

Low Risk

We are a proven partner with a long history helping companies in the manufacturing sector with ERP implementations and much more.


Nikola Motors

See how Nikola Motors streamlined procurement and materials management with SAP S/4HANA.

Driving Manufacturing Excellence

Learn how Syntax leverages SAP software and digital technologies to become more agile, responsive, and efficient.

Take Industry 4.0 to the Next Level

See how our Digital Factory as a Service offering enables manufacturers to set up ERP, MES, IiOT and Analytics capabilities quickly and cost-effectively.

A Fresh Look at Industry 4.0

This white paper takes a fresh look at the vision for Industry 4.0 and suggests ways to take advantage of a broad view and applications of the concept.


What is a Digital Factory?

The concept of a “digital factory” or “intelligent factory” refers to a manufacturing facility where production lines are interconnected in both horizontal and vertical directions through a central Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and existing ERP software. This integration allows companies to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of all production processes, serving as the foundation for achieving maximum automation across various applications. Such a setup enhances operational efficiency within the facility and brings improvements in areas such as product traceability, electronic worker guidance, quality management, process control, paperless production, and, when combined with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), predictive maintenance.

What is an MES system?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a system for managing and controlling the manufacturing processes in a production facility. With the emergence of Industry 4.0 and the interconnectedness of production facilities, formerly independent systems are consolidated into a central MES. This facilitates the digital representation, management, and supervision of all production processes within an intelligent, digitally-enabled factory. The data within this system is derived from various sources, including sensor-based systems and input provided by workers through digital interfaces on mobile devices or machine interfaces.

SAP Digital Manufacturing

Connected machines and factories are only the first step in realizing a digital factory in the era of Industry 4.0. To access real business value, companies need to collect and analyze real-time data. This is where SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM) comes in. As a fully cloud-based manufacturing execution system (MES), SAP Manufacturing Cloud focuses on the execution, data analysis, control and integration of manufacturing processes, and thus creates the foundation for realizing a digital factory.

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