SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM)

Connected machines and factories are only the first step in realizing a digital factory in the era of Industry 4.0. To access real business value, companies need to collect and analyze real-time data. This is where SAP DM comes in.

Tasks and Functions of SAP DM

As a fully cloud-based manufacturing execution system (MES), SAP Digital Manufacturing focuses on the execution, data analysis, control and integration of manufacturing processes, and thus creates the foundations for the creation of a digital factory. Its main tasks and functions are as follows:

Collection of critical process data

In a networked production environment, countless data points are created every second. They form the basis for widespread automation and intelligent control based on informed decision-making.

Production data analysis

Of course, data alone is only the beginning. It is only through the use of applications and cloud services such as analytics, artificial intelligence or machine learning that connected machines generate added value.

Process modeling and execution

Machines often speak different idioms. SAP DM harmonizes all production processes on the shop floor to ensure smooth operations.

Resource coordination

In SAP DM, ERP data is put into context with process data. This creates an overall and complete picture of the company’s value chains, which serves as the basis for the efficient use of resources.

Structure of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

SAP DM consists of several elements. The two main components are:

SAP Digital Manufacturing for Execution

SAP DMe enables companies to take a cloud-based approach to manufacturing control, production process monitoring, resource and task management, and technical integration scenarios for machinery and equipment. As the solution is delivered entirely via the cloud in SaaS (Software as a Service) format, companies do not need access to the usual local physical infrastructure, in the form of their own data center, for example, this which is normally a prerequisite for traditional MES solutions.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights

SAP DMi is the cloud-based, centralized, site-independent performance management solution for manufacturing needs. It provides integration of data in SAP and non-SAP environments into a range of production and automation systems to enable real-time capture, delivery and visualization of key performance indicators. This creates a holistic and transparent basis for making tactical and strategic decisions aimed at improving manufacturing performance by implementing continuous process improvement (CI) measures.

Benefits of SAP Digital Manufacturing

As part of SAP’s Industry 4.Now program and its key component for digital manufacturing, SAP Digital Manufacturing offers users many benefits:

Out-of-the-box integration with S/4HANA and SAP ERP

The combination of production and process data allows companies to have a better overview of the value chain. It is then possible to identify hitherto untapped synergies and increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

Harmonization of key performance indicators and data analysis

When companies use a harmonized SAP system with standardized data, they can use a system like SAP MII to objectively assess factors such as the performance of individual machines or the entire plant and keep an eye on them all the time. on the objectives set.

Full transparency

Whether via mobile devices, human interfaces or as a clear dashboard: Thanks to the horizontal and vertical integration and analysis of all data and processes, managers are always aware of all processes and can make informed decisions.

Syntax – your partner for SAP DM

The benefits and opportunities of SAP Digital Manufacturing are as numerous as the challenges facing industries. That’s why these companies need a partner who understands them and the specific requirements of their industry. With many years of experience and countless successful projects, Syntax not only understands industrial contexts but, as an SAP partner from the very beginning, also knows exactly how to realize customer wishes and requirements in systems appropriate SAPs. Our proven multi-cloud expertise is another asset. Whether public cloud, private cloud or hybrid models, regional or global deployment, together with our customers we find the ideal cloud solution. And because flexibility isn’t limited to the cloud, Syntax offers options for reserving individual services under a subscription model for product licensing. This gives companies a transparent overview of what they use.

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FAQs: SAP Digital Manufacturing

What is SAP DM?

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud is an end-to-end manufacturing execution system (MES) based on real-time data and analytics. Together with the SAP ME and SAP MII on-premises systems, it forms the SAP digital manufacturing suite. SAP DMC collects and analyzes process data in real time, monitors all critical production processes and integrates them with SAP ERP systems to provide users with a transparent view of all workflows. Full cloud delivery provides significant savings in infrastructure, operations, and maintenance compared to on-premises models.

Is there an SAP DM case study?

The innovative capacity of the Digital Manufacturing Cloud is demonstrated by a pioneering project by Syntax and Smart Press Shop GmbH & Co, a joint venture between Porsche and molding specialist Schuler. Based on SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution and SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essentials, integration from management floors to the shop floor creates a virtually self-contained factory. The entire SAP system runs entirely in the cloud, with no on-premises installation required. Thanks to the integration of manufacturing data and ERP data, employees can consult all the important information they need at any time, via personalized and intuitive user interfaces. This extremely transparent factory control system enables rapid response.