Global Flex

Enabling employees to achieve personal and professional success

Mission Statement

When you have the freedom to choose when and where you work that makes you more productive and content, you can build your career around your life, not your life around your career.

Syntax has established the Global Flex program as part of its commitment to the work-life balance of our employees and leverages the role based flexible work solutions, that will enable us to meet this commitment.

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Global Flex @ Syntax Defined

Flex Workplace

Research shows that nearly 95% of roles in Information Technology companies can be completed remotely. Syntax offers employees whose roles do not require them to complete work from an office or worksite to work remotely. Hybrid work arrangements are offered to those who may need to complete some tasks in an office location or work site.

Flex Schedule

Different roles have different schedules. Syntax supports employees with role-based flex work schedules including Set-Flex, Basic-Flex, and Total Flex. These options allow employees to work with their leaders to determine what schedule best supports both customer and employee needs.

Global Tourist

Global companies offer global opportunities. At Syntax, employees may use our Global Tourist program to work from almost anywhere in the world for 30 days and work from any Syntax Office location for up to 4 months.

Global Flex in Action

People working in office

Scenario 1

Andre works in a Customer Support role where he works on assigned support tickets. He works from the office and has a set-flex schedule to ensure that customers’ needs and service expectations are met but which also gives him the flexibility in his start and stop times to support his work/life balance needs.

Couple working from home

Scenario 2

Tania works as a hybrid employee where she completes some activities in the office but most work can be performed remotely. Tania’s basic flex schedule covers a normal workday. She has a young son and a partner who travels frequently. When her partner is traveling she can easily work from home and if she must run her son to activities she schedules them in her calendar or changes her status. If she needs to work in the evening to finish a presentation to meet a deadline she does not mind because she values flexibility.

Man working at night

Scenario 3

Ivan works in a Developer role which does not require him to work in the office. His work is very deadline-driven and tied to deployment dates. He works in an asynchronous manner with many of his colleagues. The nature of his work offers him total flexibility in his schedule, which he likes as he prefers to do his coding late at night as it is quieter than during the day.