5 Reasons to Choose Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Business users and application developers can build scalable, secure enterprise apps with minimal coding.

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a mobile application development framework included with the Oracle database at no cost and is fully supported by Oracle Corporation. Oracle APEX simplifies the development and deployment of data-driven applications, enabling developers to create applications quickly and easily. Many of Syntax customers have opportunistically used Oracle APEX to build applications, enterprise reports, graphical reports, and more. With little background or experience in programming, one can build powerful and professional-looking web and mobile applications that are robust, scalable, and secure.

Why should you choose Oracle Application Express (APEX)?

1) Easy to get started

There are no complex programs to install on your computer to get started with Oracle APEX. All one needs is a web browser. All application development can take place in a web browser, no additional tools are needed.

2) Low-code platform

Almost all common and must-have features for application development have been built into Oracle Application Express (APEX). With its easy-to-use interface where you can “drag and drop” powerful low-code components like Charts, Interactive Grid, and Faceted Search; one can build amazing applications without writing any code. Since there is less code to write the chance of error is reduced and productivity is increased.

3) Tight integration with Oracle Database

Oracle APEX engine runs within Oracle Database thereby allowing Oracle APEX to be robust, scalable, and secure. It is as scalable as the Oracle Database itself. High availability features like failover and redundancy are enabled by the Oracle Database functionality. Additionally, Oracle APEX can tap into built-in Oracle Database security features like Database Vault and other Advanced security options.

4) Portable

Developers can build and deploy Oracle APEX applications anywhere the Oracle Database runs including on-premises, in a private cloud like the Syntax Enterprise Cloud®, or in a public cloud like OCI. Oracle APEX makes it easy to migrate applications between environments hosted on-premises or hosted with cloud providers.

5) Cost of ownership

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is bundled with your Oracle Database server license. If you own an Oracle Database server license, then Oracle APEX costs nothing. Also, Oracle APEX based applications do not require a middle-tier or application server like Oracle WebLogic Server which usually add to the licensing and infrastructure cost.

Oracle APEX on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Oracle has recently launched Oracle APEX Application Development in Oracle Cloud. This provides an application development platform that combines Oracle APEX low-code development with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Autonomous Database. With this launch, Oracle has made low-code development with Oracle APEX accessible to amateur and professional developers alike at a reasonable price.

oracle application express apexConclusion

With its simple browser-based development platform and many built-in components for building rich forms and reports, applications can be developed and deployed quickly. Nothing beats Oracle Application Express in terms of speed of development. Luckily, fast does not always translate to low quality. Even using the basic wizard, one can quickly build an application that has good security, looks beautiful on both mobile and desktop browsers, and has good features. Lastly, developers can leverage their SQL and PL/SQL skills to develop applications using APEX, unlike typical web and mobile development tools that requires a unique set of skills that is not always easy to find.

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