6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With JD Edwards 9.1

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JD Edwards 9.1, the latest release of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne ERP suite, provides major updates and improvements over prior releases.

These updates create a true synergy of technology and business processes, customers who have upgraded are taking advantage of some powerful new features. These can kick-start adoption of the upgrade and provide serious business value right out of the gate.

people1. One View Reporting

The highly anticipated One View reporting is a built-in tool that lets users create and manage their own operational reporting and alerts. Starting with a rich suite of standard reports, One View allows end users to customize report layouts, output formats, create ‘watch lists’ to monitor critical business activities, and develop new reports with drag and drop wizards. IT skills are not needed to make the business units productive, which means the business can be far more nimble and responsive than ever before.

2. The Carousel

Direct report access through the carousel is a huge productivity aid. The carousel is a toolbar that saves the user’s most recent reports, favorites and open applications and lets them be viewed with a single click. It saves five or six clicks navigating through the system to run a report. The carousel lets JD Edwards 9.1 users get to their critical information quickly and easily.


3. Queries

JD Edwards 9.1 reports are all run from live data, based on data queries which users can set up and save on their own. Queries are set up using a wizard, dragging and dropping screen attributes and using powerful filters which precisely define the required data. Once saved, the queries can automatically run when a report is clicked to provide a real-time view of enterprise data. The resulting reports are active and available for drilldown and dynamic, ad hoc report revision.

4. E1 Pages

JD Edwards has a full web interface. The web pages can display any JD Edwards report or screen, but they can also be easily set up centrally, by role or by each user to include information from the internet or other web-capable enterprise applications that are pertinent to that user’s daily activities. In a way, this EnterpriseOne, or E1, pages act like a portal to all the information systems needed for a business process, with users in complete control of their individual display and no need for IT involvement.

5. Composite Applications

Web components can also be embedded at the transaction level as well as in the portal. As an example, the customer name and address field can be linked with Google Maps to bring up the map of the customer’s address at a click on their record. Machine parts can be linked to external supplier catalog entries, shipment tracking records can link straight to the shipper’s web tracking application, and the like. These composite applications provide seamless integration between diverse knowledge repositories, all in support of critical business processes.

6. Health and Safety Module

A new JD Edwards module provides enterprises with a way to track and report safety incidents in compliance with environmental and health regulations. The safety managers can track incidents through to ultimate resolution, integrate to insurance systems, and create required reports for governmental agencies. The health and safety module can be customized for the enterprise and its local regulatory bodies. This can deliver significant payback on the back end in assured compliance and time savings. What’s more, this module does not require the rest of the JD Edwards system to run but can be installed standalone. It is also available in the Syntax Cloud.

JD Edwards 9.1 version of EnterpriseOne provides business users with the customizable and responsive business systems they’ve been waiting for. They have a level of control never before seen in a major system, letting them focus on driving success in their business units rather than worrying about how to use the technology or when IT will be finished with a requested customization. The more enterprises invest in JD Edwards training to take advantage of the new system, the more value they will derive from this upgrade.


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