oracle erp investments

Be the Hero. Reduce Costs and Maximize Value from Your Oracle Investments. 12 Questions to Ask.

Syntax works with hundreds of Oracle customers across multiple ERP platforms, including JD Edwards and E-Business Suite, and all of them are struggling with the same issues. Those issues are related to the usability and functionality of their ERP application ecosystem, the cost and effort required to support it, or a combination of the two. Every day our teams help our customers run their ERP ecosystems efficiently and cost effectively, assisting with short-term pain points and long-term roadmaps, so they can focus on the many challenges facing their businesses in today’s demanding times.

Syntax’s cloud-agnostic approach to Oracle applications ensures we always have our customers’ best interests at heart. We don’t just jump on the bandwagon of the latest IT trends – we invest resources in evaluating technology and developing innovative solutions that rise above the hype and provide real value to our customers. And as a managed service provider, everything we do is designed with ongoing supportability in mind. We can help you answer some of the key questions facing Oracle ERP customers and IT leaders today:

  1. Are you running E-Business Suite on-premises and struggling with things like stability, manageability, availability, or performance?
  2. Are you trying to make sense of the Oracle roadmap for E-Business Suite or other Oracle software?
  3. Is your organization leveraging the full capabilities of Oracle E-Business Suite, and is the software meeting the needs of the business?
  4. Are you contemplating an E-Business Suite upgrade, but not sure of the effort, cost, and associated business value?
  5. Is your E-Business Suite infrastructure an expensive “black box”, and are you curious about ways you can both reduce cost and improve flexibility and agility?
  6. Do you have an adequate business continuity and disaster recovery plan for E-Business Suite, and when was the last time you tested it?
  7. Are you running E-Business Suite in public cloud and facing unpredictable, runaway costs?
  8. Are you considering a move to Oracle Cloud Applications, and do you understand the changes in the management paradigm and how a change could impact your ERP TCO?
  9. Is the thought of an Oracle audit keeping you up at night, and do you have a handle on your licensing?
  10. Are the reporting and analytics capabilities you are using with your E-Business Suite data meeting business needs and integrating with your organization’s wider data ecosystem?
  11. Do you want to understand the impact of new technology like IoT, data lakes, machine learning, and artificial intelligence on E-Business Suite and how customers are leveraging them to improve decision making?
  12. Are you interested in how you can leverage the latest public cloud platform services to enable new capabilities and replace older, on-premises technologies?

Don’t face these issues on your own.  Contact us today to discover how Syntax will work with you to develop a clear strategy and design an achievable plan to execute on it.  Be the hero to your organization.