Benefits of JD Edwards Certification

Consultants complete a JD Edwards certification to measure their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) knowledge, and their understanding of JD Edwards’ EnterpriseOne products.

Benefits of JD Edwards CertificationThe JD Edwards certification exam is another way for consulting firms to prove their team’s product knowledge and expertise. The question is: are “certified” JD Edwards consultants better able to make recommendations and provide assistance to customers seeking to get the most out of their JD Edwards technology and products?

If you are a company searching for a quality ERP consulting firm, look for a consulting firm with the Gold, Platinum or Diamond designation. These firms have certified consultants on staff. As a business customer, you’re hoping to find a firm whose consultants will deliver long-term value while knowing how to fulfill your immediate ERP system needs. Although providing consultants that have passed a JD Edwards certification test does not ensure the success of your project, it does indicate program proficiency, a commitment to the JD Edwards ecosystem and their interest in having the right education to help every client to the fullest extent possible.

It is important for consultants implementing and upgrading JD Edwards systems to fully understand the capabilities and range of products available to support businesses in various industries. The skills tested on the JD Edwards Certification exams include JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0: Financial Management, Distribution, Manufacturing, Configurable Network Computing and Projects. These applications represent a common footprint in the JD Edwards customer base and therefore are applications in which a client’s consulting team should be well versed.

Continuing education is vital when relying on evolving products to run your business. It is important to stay current on frequent application upgrades that could potentially impact a business’ daily management processes. This may be difficult for an already overworked internal support team. ERP consulting firms make it their business to keep their consultants educated on the latest functionality. The certification programs sponsored by Oracle JD Edwards measure product knowledge on the current release or the release prior. This helps to ensure that the certified consultant that you retain has current knowledge of the product and is familiar with the latest functionality.

A real-world test of an ERP consultant is their ability to evaluate your business’ requirements and help satisfy your ERP needs. Consultants must be confident in their knowledge and abilities, and be prepared to solve any difficult business problem by creatively applying the right JD Edwards solutions. Strong consultants can use their skills to help clients across many industries set up their JD Edwards applications to best manage their business.

The standards provided by the JD Edwards certification are there to help businesses feel more confident in their hiring choice when choosing a team to implement ERP management systems into their business. As a client looking for the right consulting group, certified consultants with a great depth of knowledge of EnterpriseOne applications and proven JD Edwards implementation experience will undoubtedly make you feel more comfortable in your choice of a partner.

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