Eight Reasons Why You Should Move Your JD Edwards Application to the Cloud

If you’re using Oracle JD Edwards for your business, give yourself a pat on the back.  JD Edwards is widely considered the greatest ERP system in the world.

However, before resting on your laurels, consider whether you’re getting the most out of your system.  Are you sure your ERP is operating at full capacity?  Are your users fully satisfied with the system’s features and usability?  Is your IT department spending more of their time driving innovation, or are they bogged down with maintenance requests?


If you’re hosting your JD Edwards system in-house, chances are quite high you’re not even close to maximizing your system’s potential.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that there’s a wonderfully simple fix to this problem:  The Cloud.

Here are 8 reasons why you should move your JD Edwards application to the cloud, if you haven’t done so already.

1.     Lower Infrastructure Cost

With a move to the cloud, you eliminate the need to own and operate a data center.  No need to buy servers or software, or to worry about speculative sizing exercises. No need to hire and train data center staff – the specialists necessary to maintain these systems.  The end result is a significant reduction in total cost of ERP ownership.

2.     Pay Only For What You Use

Cloud computing systems operate on the same basic premise as utilities.  There’s a powerful central repository, the cloud computing host, which responds to the demands of its users by allocating the resources as needed.  When hosting your JD Edwards application in-house, you’re basically acting as your own utility, which may sound great, but is actually preventing you from focusing on your core business objectives.  When you move your JD Edwards application to the cloud, you gain instant access to the resources that you need, when you need it.

3.     Increase Scalability

In sticking with the utility analogy, it becomes easy to envision why moving your JD Edwards application to the cloud vastly improves scalability.  Should you experience a sudden change in your IT needs, your cloud setup allows you to literally ramp up overnight.  The required resources are already in place and ready to go, on a moment’s notice.

4.     Drive Innovation

Numerous studies have shown that, on average, when hosting an ERP in-house, roughly 80% of a company’s IT resources are spent maintaining their system.  With your JD Edwards application in the cloud, that number will be drastically reduced, freeing up your IT department’s time and money to focus on more strategic initiatives that will drive innovation, open up new opportunities, and grow the business.

5.     Improve Usability

Since cloud solutions are always up-to-date and properly maintained, the products are predictably easier to use than clunky in-house implementations.  You gain instant access to Oracle’s plethora of system tweaks and upgrades aimed at continuously improving JD Edwards’ user-defined experiences.

6.     Mitigate Risk

With your JD Edwards application in the cloud, you’ll take advantage of vastly improved system security without the need to worry about it.  The cloud inherently offers distinct security advantages including daily backups of your data, proactive maintenance, and increased security against piracy and IP theft.  The Syntax Enterprise Cloud is the best in the business in this regard, combining new Tier 3 data centers that meet SSAE16 compliance with unmatched rapid recovery capabilities and a 7-year off-site private backup of your corporate data.

7.     Reduce Complexity

One of the main drivers for moving ERPs to the cloud is the fact that, cloud solutions are simpler than in-house solutions.  Cloud implementations are quicker to deploy and entail much lower up-front costs.  Operational complexity is greatly reduced across the board, especially regarding the deployment of new applications.   IT is complicated enough on it’s own, so why make it harder on yourself when a simpler, better solution is readily available?

8.     Supercharge Productivity

Hosting your JD Edwards application in the cloud drastically improves your overall productivity by maximizing your system’s uptime and performance.  Unlimited storage and bandwidth ensure that the system is always running at it’s full potential, while your users are able to enjoy the full power and functionality of each and every application, at all times.

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