Great Managed Services Infographics

Managed services and cloud computing are popping up everywhere, they are such a popular topic that we have begun seeing some great infographics appearing online. Here is a collection of the best infographics we have found on the net.

Security is a high priority to businesses of any size. Businesses are accountable for protecting customer information, financial information, private company files, and confidential employee information. Most companies in the U.S. do trust the security of the cloud enough to use it in their offices.

The majority of IT managed service professionals realize that Cloud security is a top priority but most are confident in the cloud provider’s ability to provide a secure environment. The risk of human error is still an issue and businesses have reported information leaks if staff was not educated about the new system and the correct log-out procedure. Top concerns when switching to cloud-based applications for business were reported as: system downtime, losing data while transferring, and the level of security. An experienced IT managed service provider will explain and educate you and your employees about safely using the cloud at your business.

Interest about the cloud is growing in business and financial sectors. Businesses are looking for ways for their IT to be more adaptable, reliable, and accessible in order to improve their quality of service.

IT managed services professionals are helping drive cloud innovation along with company CIOs. Cloud software, platforms, and infrastructure have not yet reached maturity. Studies show that it could take 3-4 years to leave the growth stages of cloud technology. Now is the time to evaluate your current IT systems and consult with an IT managed services provider to see what systems are best for your business and what innovations will soon be available to help with your challenges.

Within the next year or two, the number of small to midsize businesses using cloud technology and applications will continue rise across many industries.

Operations and maintenance are still the most costly and time-consuming for IT staff, taking time away from system improvements. The trouble is many companies don’t feel confident identifying IT issues before they become problems. Businesses should note that using IT managed services could result in a significant cost savings on IT expenses. Some businesses reported a drop of over 50% in their IT expenses. A managed service provider can also help identify system weaknesses and help give back your confidence with a secure IT system.

Although IT professionals agree that cloud security is an area to strengthen, most already trust the security offered by their current cloud provider. If your business has similar concerns, then it’s time for to find the right IT managed service provider to help prepare your system for the future using cloud technology.

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