How to Determine the Value of a JD Edwards Upgrade

JD Edwards is a first-class ERP suite trusted by top-tier organizations across the globe. Demand for new features and improvements have led to more than 18 releases in the last seven years!

By understanding the best reasons to upgrade your JDE installation, you can maximize the benefit of your investment.

Determining JD Edwards Upgrade Value for Your Business

How to Determine the Value of a JD Edwards UpgradeThere are many factors to consider before committing to a JD Edwards upgrade. One of the most important—is the overall value to your business. Each incremental update includes new features, updated processes and other optimizations to the software and tools. However, it may also require retrofitting existing customizations. The key is to be fully aware of what processes the upgrade will impact and define a feasible upgrade strategy and timeline.

There are multiple ways to perform a JDE upgrade and the type of upgrade implemented will have its own set of unique activities. Technical upgrades offer clear benefits and are often the easiest to perform. However, they might not provide as much value as a functional or transformational upgrade. The key is choosing the right type of upgrade for your organization at the point in time you are ready to move.

Questions to help determine the value of a JDE upgrade for your business include:

  • Will the upgrade help automate currently manual processes?
  • Do I have to upgrade to remain on premier support?
  • Is my business required to be on premier or extended support?
  • Will my business benefit from the enhanced functionality available with the new release?
  • Will my organization benefit from the new applications Oracle offers that are compatible with the new release?
  • Can I retire existing modifications by moving to the new release?
  • Will the new user interface and system management tools save my users time?

Once the questions above have been answered and quantified, then you can balance the benefits against the cost of the upgrade. Oracle offers ROI tools to help associate dollar values with the benefits of a JD Edwards upgrade.

Planning the Upgrade Process to Assess Upgrade Benefits

If your business has concerns regarding the upgrade process, Syntax can offer upgrade assessment assistance and training. These services can help to uncover potential stumbling blocks, determine the best upgrade type, provide in-depth benefits analysis, and help to create a methodical deployment plan for your upgrade. By creating a comprehensive upgrade plan, you will reduce the risk associated with an upgrade and ensure that your chosen upgrade path is the best fit for your business.

Whether you run the new version of JD Edwards in-house or your business uses the help of a hosting and managed services provider like Syntax, having a hosting and managed services provider checklist will help to ensure that you engage the right partner to help with this critical component of your IT infrastructure strategy.

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