Making SAP Modernizations Faster and Smarter with AI

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Cloud and AI, significant advancements are transforming how businesses operate and innovate. Companies are increasingly leveraging generative AI, automation, and integrated cloud solutions to drive efficiency, enhance decision-making, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. SAP has made some recent announcements, as they concluded Sapphire 2024 last week and marked a significant milestone with the introduction of their comprehensive corporate GenAI positioning and strategy. While the GenAI Hub has existed for some time, 2024 is the year where SAP’s vision starts to materialize. With the GenAI industry evolving rapidly, SAP is demonstrating its commitment to innovation and agility, although the journey will require focus and collaboration.

Below are some key developments from SAP and Syntax’s perspective on these innovations, highlighting how they align with our strategic offerings and vision.

Key Innovations and Syntax’s Insights

Expansion of SAP Joule Across SAP Cloud Products

SAP announced that Joule, their generative AI copilot, will now be available across SAP Cloud products, including SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Build, and SAP Integration Suite. By the end of the year, Joule will also be integrated into SAP Sales Cloud and Analytics Cloud solutions, making it accessible across the entire SAP cloud solutions portfolio.

Our View: This unified approach ensures a consistent user experience and cross-system capabilities, which is crucial for seamless operations. The rapid innovation around GenAI is promising, and SAP’s collaboration with partners will be key to maintaining this momentum to ensure that SAP customers get the most out of their investments across SAP Cloud products. It’s essential for Joule to be open for extensions and integration with services from other platforms.

SAP Joule for Consultants and ABAP Developers

SAP introduced two new capabilities for Joule: Joule for Consultants and Joule for ABAP Developers. Joule for Consultants will leverage a knowledge base around SAP documentation and training materials, while Joule for ABAP Developers will require a fine-tuned language model, expected to be available by Q1 2025.

Our View: These capabilities are vital for the industry, addressing the need for specialized knowledge bases and developer tools. This will also streamline SAP implementations to a tremendous extent and critical for customers transitioning to SAP S/4HANA Cloud leveraging RISE with SAP to help them accelerate the implementation journey and save costs. SAP should consider making these resources available by subscription to allow broader innovation within the GenAI space.

Advancements in AI

SAP is enhancing its Business AI capabilities, integrating advanced tools and insights to improve decision-making and outcomes. Key moves include the Intelligent Scenario Lifecycle Management app and a new AI-UNITS consumption model for pricing innovations.

Our View: These developments simplify the adoption of Business AI, particularly for mid-market companies. The consolidation of AI innovations within SAP S/4HANA and the new pricing model will make it easier to build compelling business cases for AI investments.

New Integrations and Partnerships

SAP is expanding its collaborations with technology leaders like AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Meta, Mistral AI, and NVIDIA to enhance generative AI capabilities at the enterprise level.

Our View: These partnerships are promising, yet the true value will be seen in tangible improvements and innovations. Immediate benefits are expected from LLM models by Meta and Mistral AI, while NVIDIA’s contributions will require more time to materialize.

Expansion of GenAI Hub

The SAP Business Technology Platform is improving the capabilities of GenAI Hub simplifying  the development of generative AI use cases for SAP applications.

Our View: The GenAI Hub is a crucial development, offering necessary technical tooling and capabilities for building GenAI solutions. SAP should consider providing open platforms that can integrate with other platforms, services and support various LLMs. Key areas for SAP include making knowledge bases available, offering fine-tuned LLMs for ABAP, and providing tools to generate customer-specific knowledge bases.


SAP is committed to innovation and partnership, setting the stage for significant advancements in AI and digital transformation. Syntax continues to support these developments, offering advanced GenAI platforms that integrate seamlessly with SAP applications. By aligning with SAP’s corporate GenAI strategy, Syntax aims to deliver unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and industry specific innovation to its customers, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Leonardo De Araujo

Partner, Global SAP Innovation, Syntax