woman with glasses looking at computer oracle emp 11.2.7

Oracle EPM 11.2.7 is Out! Why Should You Upgrade?

Oracle recently released a new version of the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system. The highly awaited Oracle EPM 11.2 hit the market in December 2019. With 11.2, Oracle initiated its continuous innovation program, which means there would no longer be major technology upgrades. Instead, Oracle planned to release regular patch sets containing security fixes, technology stack updates, and new functionalities. Release 11.2.7 is the seventh continuous innovation update for EPM.

What’s new in EPM 11.2.7?

  • Improved protection for your target-system data of being overwritten during data loads in FDMEE. For more information, Enable Data Protection.
  • There is no longer VB support for FDMEE. Customers need to migrate to Jython as the scripting language. Don’t worry if this sounds scary, we got you! Syntax can help you take care of these Jython conversions.
  • There is no longer a dependency on WebLogic Admin server when starting up the EPM services.
  • There is additional support for SSL for Oracle Essbase.
  • There is additional support for IDM Products with header-based authentication.
  • For folks who are into tuning, the default maximum heap size for Essbase JVM has changed to 1.2GB.
  • After applying the 11.2.7 update, the only required configuration tasks are Deploy To Application Server for FDMEE followed by configuring the Web Server.
  • Oracle JDK 1.8.0_291 is now the version of Java Development Kit installed with EPM 11.2.7.
  • Be sure to review the documentation notes concerning the Windows Server 2019 Data Center Edition on the EPM support matrix. Learn more.
  • The Smart View URI setting has been added back to the Workspace Server Settings in EPM Workspace. This was a bug in an earlier version.
  • There are no more ‘scheduler job errors’ with the task flows. You can now successfully import task flows exported from EPM System into 11.2.x EPM System using Lifecycle Management for Oracle EPM.
  • Reference the Financial Reporting Defects Fixed page for the bugs fixed in FDMEE, Planning, and HFM.
  • For Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition users, you must grant permission prior to applying the update to Release 11.2.5 or Release 11.2.6. [On the SYSTEM.schema_version_registry table – grant all to <FDMEE_SCHEMA_UESR>].
  • The SAP adapter is expected to be certified soon (something to watch out for). You will need to download the SAP adapter from Oracle-partner, Bristlecone’s, website if you intend to integrate SAP ERP Financials or SAP BW.

How can you upgrade your application to 11.2.7?

There are several different upgrade paths depending on your version of EPM. See the below options.

  • Release 11.2.5 & 11.2.6: make use of the ‘Apply Update’ option for upgrading the footprint to 11.2.7
  • Release 11.2.4: Upgrade (‘Apply Update’) to 11.2.6 & then to 11.2.7
  • Release 11.2.3: Upgrade (‘Apply Update’) to 11.2.5 & then to 11.2.7
  • Release 11.2.2: Upgrade (‘Apply Update’) to 11.2.4 11.2.6 11.2.7
  • Release 11.2.1: Upgrade (‘Apply Update’) to 11.2.3 11.2.5 11.2.7
  • Release 11.2.0: Upgrade (‘Apply Update’) to 11.2.2 11.2.6 11.2.7
  • Release Upgrade to 11.2.x by installing the software on the new machines followed by migrating the applications (metadata & the data)
  • Release or earlier: Upgrade your environment to followed by 11.2.x


If you are running an older version of EPM, Syntax can help you understand the new features of the latest release. We will also enable you to establish a business case detailing why you should upgrade to the latest version. And finally, we can help you manage the upgrade while protecting the integrity of your systems.