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SAP Application Management Services: What to Look for in a Partner

Before you partner with an SAP application management services (AMS) provider, you should find out if they have flexibility, creativity, and the relevant certifications. Find out what an ideal SAP AMS partner should look like and what you should consider.

Let’s first start with the fundamentals and defining what SAP AMS is and how it can help your business.

What is SAP Application Management Services?

SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS) are management services for your SAP applications. These services include the people, processes, and methodologies to maintain, improve, and manage mission-critical SAP environments. AMS includes enterprise application development, enhancements, implementation, integration, testing, maintenance, and support for functional and technical sides of SAP landscapes. It can also include service desk or help desk services.

You can think of SAP AMS as giving you on-demand access to a team of certified SAP subject matter experts focused on supporting your SAP environment. AMS support of your enterprise platform makes it possible to get the full value of your SAP investment at a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than an internal application support model.

“When working with our SAP AMS customers, we’ve seen total cost of SAP ownership cut by 20 to 50%,” says Allen Abell, Vice President of AMS at Syntax.

A high-quality SAP AMS model utilizes a pool of named, experienced SAP specialists outside of your own organization.

What are the Advantages of Working with an SAP AMS partner?

There are many benefits to working with an SAP AMS partner. There are four main benefits:

  1. Cost savings through shared expertise. With a shared model, you’re no longer paying for underutilized, full-time SAP talent. You can fractionalize the cost while still gaining access to the SAP expertise you need.
  2. Consistent and timely support. Responsiveness can suffer when enterprises lack internal expertise to support every SAP module. Comprehensive AMS allows for better response time and consistency for your SAP landscape.
  3. Predictable budget. Having a contracted baseline of hours of SAP AMS support facilitates the planning process.
  4. Flexibility to scale up or down. As your business changes and grows, the AMS support model helps you avoid hiring delays and the costs associated with your fluctuating workforce.

Now that we understand the business benefits of SAP application management services, let’s discuss what you should search for in an SAP AMS partner.

What Should You Look for in an SAP Application Management Services Partner?

There are some key areas you should consider before working with an SAP AMS partner. Here are four key considerations:

  1. Business improvements

The cornerstone of SAP AMS is the business process improvements and enhancements. It is more than just break fixes. An SAP AMS partner should really know their customer’s business processes. Can they provide recommendations and systems for consistent improvement to daily business processes?

  1. Flexibility and creativity

Larger SAP AMS providers typically spend less time and attention on their smaller clients. They can also overwhelm them with bureaucracy in terms of paperwork. This inflexibility means large SAP AMS providers are less likely to tailor support SAP AMS solutions. It is important to work with an SAP AMS partner that provides flexibility and creativity.

  1. Access to global resources

It is critical that an SAP AMS partner operates in the countries where your enterprise has a presence. To reduce the potential for error and reduce downtime, it is vital to have cultural proximity, familiarity with the local language, and knowledge of local systems. For example, “farshore” resources in counties such as India can be augmented with same time zone support and accessibility to “nearshore” resources in countries such as Mexico.

  1. Relevant certifications

One way to assess whether an SAP AMS provider has the skills best suited for your company’s needs is to request a list of SAP certifications and other industry or technology certifications earned by its employees. Furthermore, these certifications guarantee compliance with standards such as ISO 27001 (the international certification standard for information security management systems) or ISO 20000 (the standard for IT service management).

Learn More About SAP Application Management Services

These are four considerations on how to choose the right global AMS partner for SAP but there are more areas you should consider. To take deeper dive into how to select the right global SAP AMS partner, please check out our guide. Also, you can watch our on-demand that outlines the different types of AMS partner support models available in the marketplace.

An SAP AMS partner can help you avoid inefficiencies and application performance problems that hurt your business. SAP AMS can help you free up your enterprise IT resources to work on what’s important, not what’s urgent. And it can provide you with flexibility, predictability, and cost savings.

Discover how complexity and scarcity require new thinking for today’s enterprise applications and how you can achieve better business results with a global SAP partner who knows the value of local support.

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