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Syntax’s Private Cloud Beats the Public Cloud on Security, Service Level

Syntax’s Private Cloud Beats the Public Cloud on Security, Service Level

Despite a lot of noise, the public cloud still can’t beat the private cloud when it comes to security and service, especially when you consider cloud for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

There has been a long-running debate between public versus private, but when it comes to a corporate cloud built for ERP, the debate has been snuffed out with the advantage going to Syntax’s private Enterprise Cloud product.

The Stakes Are High

All business decision makers know that the pressure to get the cloud right is ever growing, as more and more IT spend is migrating to cloud resources. In 2014, the global IT market topped $220 billion, but only 7% was spent on the cloud. By 2020, 50% of IT budgets will move to the cloud. The stakes are high, and companies like yours can get ahead if you take the right steps today. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons you should turn to Syntax’s private cloud for your ERP needs.

Security First

Public cloud services are potentially accessible to the general public. Our Private Syntax Enterprise Cloud protects your data, allowing access to only those you choose to provide access to, and only at the level you choose. Whether on premise or within your service provider’s data center, going with a private cloud gives you the benefits of a public cloud. Things like pooled resources, self-service, and elasticity can be done on a private cloud without putting your information out on the Internet. It’s a big decision, make sure it’s secure.

Scale of the Cloud

Syntax Enterprise Cloud gives you infrastructure at the scale you need when you need it. Need more computing capacity to support your seasonal up ticks or special events? No problem, Syntax is there for you. When you are done, quickly cut back to normal and move on with your business – it’s easy because you only pay for what you use.

Even better, the Syntax Enterprise Cloud is designed specifically to support your ERP environment. Launching a new business application? Your Syntax solution was built to support that. If something goes wrong, your Syntax Enterprise Cloud specialists are immediately available and are on hand to maintain and update your technology as your needs evolve.

There for You

Focus your IT efforts on applications that will grow your business and trust the Syntax Enterprise Cloud specialist to maintain your technology! Tap into the power of the Syntax Enterprise Cloud and you’ll get a secure, fully scalable, on-demand infrastructure that’s flexible and built for growth.. Only the Syntax Enterprise Cloud is designed and tuned specifically for your ERP environment, built to meet the unique demands of business applications high IO throughput requirements. You’ll reduce server bottlenecks that slow productivity and consume your IT resources and gain maximum system uptime and performance all while lowering your IT spend.

Going with Syntax

The Syntax Cloud is designed to securely host your business applications and support mid-to-large sized business needs. Our private cloud can improve operational efficiencies, mitigate risk and reduce costs for your business. In addition to providing cloud services, Syntax’s proven ERP expertise (backed by the implementation of best industry practices) will ensure the stability of the cloud ecosystem and the availability of resources.

A custom-tailored cloud-computing infrastructure developed by Syntax gives you the benefit of an on-demand IT environment that is highly secure and built to accommodate growth. As a preferred partner of world IT leaders such as IBM and Oracle, Syntax has been servicing thousands of ERP and Cloud customers throughout North America, since 1972.

We are honored to have won the 2015 award for #1 Cloud Services & Offerings, given by Oracle in February 2015. Let us show you why our private Enterprise Cloud is the smart decision for your business.

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