The iSeries Cloud: Are you a Good Candidate?

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Have you been looking to lower the total cost of running IBM i? Syntax’s iSeries Cloud for IBM could be just the solution to give you access to all the applications you need in the Cloud, at a budget-friendly price. Any business seeking leading-edge technology should consider this robust alternative.

Here are 6 questions to ask yourself…

1. Can Your Company Benefit from Leading Edge Technology?
IBM Cloud services enable organizations to leverage emerging technologies that address growing business challenges, and to position companies to be more competitive, in a cost-effective manner. With Syntax Cloud Services, you benefit from paying a predictable monthly fee that gives you access to leading edge technology, applications and software without the on-going outlay of managing, upgrading and enhancing software and related hardware.

2. Does Your Company Need Increased Flexibility?
With Syntax Cloud Services, you can count on an agile cloud infrastructure designed to provide rapid access to security-rich, enterprise-class virtual server environments, well suited for development and test activities and other dynamic workloads.

3. Can Your Company Benefit from Increased Functionality?
If your company can benefit from high-availability applications or multi-tenancy, then Syntax’s Cloud Services may be a viable solution. Your IT teams can quickly deploy complex application environments to the cloud with validated, high-quality and consistent results.

4. Does Your Company Need Scalable Data Centers?
With scalable data centers, your company can expand at a pace congruent with its growth. If your company experiences cyclic growth spurts, there is no need to pay for bandwidth and subscriptions until needed. This keeps your company’s assets liquid until it is absolutely necessary to create expenditures.

5. Do You Need a Greater Competitive Advantage?
If you want an edge over your competition, cloud computing services can help you lower your operating costs, save time, and focus on strategic initiatives. Cloud services offer you access to the latest technologies and insights that can help you outperform your competitors. When you’re saving money, you can focus on innovating your products and services and delivering an outstanding customer experience.

6. Do You Need a Better Return on Investment?
If your company needs a better return on investment, the cloud may be the answer. Profitability is greater because cloud-based services accelerate the time it takes to bring products to the market. Furthermore, the cost of around the clock maintenance, support and security can be carried over to other profitable investments, as iSeries provides real-time security and network monitoring, compliance auditing and protection you can bank on.

So… Are You a Good Candidate?
If your company can benefit from Syntaxcloud services, the initial investment is minimal and designed to maximize your return. No more complicated procedures to recover. No more wasted time fixing glitches. More focus on strategic initiatives, company growth and quality of service.

Syntax offers unsurpassed depth of expertise in every facet of the technology management process. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, we can enhance every segment of your business with a next-generation cloud platform. Learn more at

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