Top Managed Services Customer Issues

This article covers some of the main issues that customers & businesses want resolved by using the proper managed services provider.

System Downtime, Performance and Reliability

Making sure that your businesses’ applications and systems operate efficiently and reliably is very important. You can feel confident knowing that system reliability is strengthened with the iSeries cloud. It spreads out and balances your data workload, helping avoid overtaxing your system. To improve overall performance, your business will be provided early warnings of any possible malfunctions so issues can be addressed during a scheduled maintenance period to avoid unscheduled system downtime. With the cloud you can rest easier knowing your managed services provider offers disaster recovery. You can choose to have a cloud-based backup in place that is quick to access so your business won’t lose access to valuable data if a disaster strikes.


Security of the iSeries cloud continues to be strengthened with new technology advances. Most IT professionals now believe the sensitive data being stored on your servers and network is safe. The system is secured with authorization-only access for your employees. It is always recommended that your system have multiple layers of security measures in place to help reinforce security. Since your system is constantly being monitored, you will quickly be alerted to any abnormalities or inconsistencies that need to be addressed.


Reduce IT expenses by only paying for the service amount your business needs. iSeries services are customizable so it can easily grow and adapt with the size of your business. Choose only the amount of storage and network capacity you immediately need.

Providers offering the cloud services have the benefit of a predictable maintenance fee. Help your business stay away from costly unexpected repairs or system failure, wasting both your time and money. Using managed services as part of your businesses integrated solution can reduce the cost of system administration, the need for overtime in your IT department, and can reduce the your data center energy consumption.

IT Skills/Customer Service

Your business can have access to high quality service and data center management from a skilled managed services provider. Receive the best level of IT service without having to hire your own full-time team of experts. You won’t have to worry about your systems because your provider offers 24/7 monitoring
and management by IT experts.

The level of service you receive is very important to the stability and confidence you have in your IT systems. Having a trust-worthy relationship with your IT representative is a priority along with having consistent support available to answer your questions. Your managed services provider should have professionals available to provide information about your system and to recommend changes or upgrades that could improve the reliability and efficiency of your services in the future.

Choosing a reliable and innovative managed services provider is the first step in finding the best system for your growing business. The iSeries cloud service could be the solution you’ve been searching for to help you better serve your clients. Contact a managed services provider to help solve the IT issues that concern you and your business most.

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