What are Oracle Business Accelerators?

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Oracle Business Accelerators are cloud-based Rapid Implementation Tools, developed and maintained by Oracle and its partners to help businesses quickly get up and running with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications.

dashboardTrying to take your business to the next level but hindered by outdated IT systems? Do you want to evaluate and potentially adopt industry best business practices inside your company? Oracle has a solution to help your business maximize limited resources.

Oracle Business Accelerators for EnterpriseOne significantly reduces the time between your software purchase and the day you start using it, helping your business leverage the value of your investment in the shortest amount of time. Best of all, Oracle Business Accelerators offers your company the option to review and adopt industry best business practices – out of the box.

A typical midsize business will have multiple business functions, which may include: operations, manufacturing, financial management, sales, purchasing distribution, order management, CRM, and more. When a typical business invests in a business application, it is purchasing software which must manage end-to-end transactions in the most efficient manner using best practices for the specific industry.

Oracle Business Accelerators provide JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers with access to enterprise class software designed for fast time-to-value. Oracle Business Accelerators, designed for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, deliver industry-specific functionality by offering advanced applications for financial management, procurement, distribution, manufacturing, supply chain management, receipts, and more.

An example of business flows, including the OBAs, might be as follows:

  • Requisition to Receipt: This particular business flow helps businesses to accurately complete purchasing requirements and offers advanced tools such as requisitions, quotes, purchase orders, subcontracts, approvals at different levels and receipts.
  • Order to Shipment: This is a key business flow which provides tools for fulfilling customer orders, designating the type of shipment such as standard or drop shipment, in addition to assisting with management of the order cycle data including pricing, order holds, booking, and shipping.
  • Period Close to Financial Reports: When this business flow is enabled, it assists with the generation of finance reports and automates period closing and reporting. You can also integrate reports for reconciliation of sub-ledgers.

How It Works

Oracle Business Accelerators offer a set of proven best practices outlined in the form of business processes. Each of the business processes represents an end-to-end transaction executed across multiple business functions. Oracle Business Accelerators for JD Edwards hosting solutions integrate best practices provided through Oracle partners such as Syntax, assisting your business with deploying enterprise class applications for fast time-to-value and less risk.

We will use the Requisition to Receipt business flow described above as a best practice example.

Requisition to Receipt

  1. The requisition is created before it goes through an approval process.
  2. Once the requisition is approved it is transferred to the person in charge of creating a purchase order.
  3. The purchase order is sent to the supplier who fulfills the order.
  4. Receipt of the order is confirmed.
  5. Payment is issued to the supplier.

The above steps involve the following business processes: Manage Requisitions, Authorize Requisitions, Create and Issue a Purchase Order, Distribute Issued Purchase Orders, Receive Materials from Supplier, and Record Received Services.

Keep in mind that this is just one business process. Each Oracle Business Accelerator delivers a comprehensive set of processes to cover the typical business functions for a midsize enterprise. Every Accelerator provides a customized scope based on the best practices for your specific industry along with the flexibility to capture your unique business processes and requirements.

Rather than enduring a tedious and time consuming implementation process, Oracle Business Accelerators enable you and an OBA partner, such as Syntax, to participate in a scope confirmation exercise which allows your applications to be configured faster and with more flexibility. This allows you to benefit from highly functional applications that meet unique business requirements within weeks versus months.

How Scope Confirmation is Accomplished

The Oracle Business Accelerator configuration tool generates a set of questions which are specific to your business processes. Your Syntax OBA partner is then guided through the process of responding with your unique business data and requirements. This ensures the processes are tailored to your specific needs.

The configuration engine asks your OBA partner the right questions in the proper sequence to ensure a safe and reliable configuration. Once you have worked through all the questions, the Oracle Business Accelerator will help you quickly reach the appropriate configuration for your enterprise software.

The end result is predictable and accelerated implementation of proven enterprise class applications, allowing you to focus on core initiatives and business growth.

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