SSR Mining

Case Study Mining

A quest for business optimization through ERP integration


SSR Mining Inc. is a leading, free cash flow focused intermediate gold company with four operational assets locatedin the USA, Turkey, Canada, and Argentina, combined with a global pipeline of high-quality development and exploration assets. Over the past three years, their operational assets have yielded an average annual output exceeding 700,000 gold equivalent ounces.

SSR Mining embarked on a journey to replace its ecosystem of legacy platforms with a scalable, secure, cloud-based, and integrated ERP solution. The objective was to improve the integration of asset management, logistics and finance processes, leading to enhanced collaboration, harmonized business processes, greater clarity and visibility across business operations.

SSR chose SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Private Edition recognizing it as the best fit to support their growth.

Customer Profile

Name: SSR Mining
Location: Denver, CO
Industry: Mining


Company-wide user adoption a month after going live


KPIs implemented as part of the Value Realization Office


new business capabilities added


Following the 2020 merger with Alacer Gold, SSR Mining faced the challenge of integrating disparate systems and processes across its global footprint. The need for enhanced operational visibility and harmonized business processes required a comprehensive ERP solution up to the task of supporting the company’s evolving need.

Legacy Systems Integration: SSR Mining encountered complexities with integrating legacy systems inherited from the merger. Ensuring a seamless transition to the new platform required careful planning and execution.

Global Localization: Operating in numerous countries and regions meant adapting to the various regulatory frameworks and business practices governing each area.

“A month after our go live, over 70% of our users had logged into the new system. Our adoption of SAP S/4 HANA has established a robust foundation for us to evolve into an insights-driven organization and further our on-going endeavors to unlock efficiencies across the business. Thanks to Syntax for their collaborative approach and industry expertise.”

Approach + Solution

After meticulous consideration of various ERP solutions, SAP emerged as the preferred choice due to its extensive industry experience and unparalleled functionality tailored for the mining sector. The decision to collaborate with Syntax was fueled by their longstanding partnership with Alacer Gold, dating back to 2012. Leveraging Syntax’s global mining template, SSR Mining was able to deploy a global template that could be leveraged across multiple mine sites globally.

Integrating a Modular Approach 
SSR Mining’s project was a greenfield (completely new) implementation of SAP S/4HANA (RISE), encompassing key modules such as Finance and Cost controlling (FICO), Project Systems, Investment Management, Plant Maintenance, HR Mini- master, Materials Management, and Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) for the Business Technology Platform (BTP). The goal was to ensure a comprehensive solution tailored to SSR’s specific needs while allowing for future scalability and adaptability.

Orchestrating Operational Control
Through collaborative efforts with Syntax/Illumiti, SSR Mining orchestrated full operational control within the ERP system. This involved streamlining processes, optimizing workflows, and establishing clear accountability measures across all aspects of the business, from maintenance to supply chain management to accounting and finance.


The successful implementation was achieved globally (Türkiye, Canada, US) in January 2024, marking a major milestone for the company, and yielding a number of transformative outcomes within the first months. Leveraging Syntax’s global mining template, SSR Mining was able to deploy a template that could be leveraged across multiple mine sites globally.

  • Enhanced Operational Visibility: SSR Mining now benefits from a comprehensive view of its global operations through SAP’s embedded analytics.
  • Streamlined Processes: With a single source of truth, SSR is empowered to optimize business management on a global scale while also reducing IT support cost through the consolidation into a unified cloud-based solution.
  • Revolutionized Supply Chain: The ERP integration has modernized integrated maintenance supply chain and finance processes on a global scale