New Syntax research reveals innovation from ERP investments needs more than just technology

How to sustain IT innovation, according to 900 IT leaders

Sustained Innovation

What sustains innovation? For many organizations, enterprise resource planning business application systems are a crucial mechanism, with IT at the helm of leading these ERP efforts. But even with a strong system in place, other non-tech factors can slow — or even stall — innovation and growth.

To better understand how organizational leaders are approaching innovation, we surveyed 900 IT decision-makers across Europe and North America working at organizations currently using mission-critical systems. Our report, “Realizing the Promise of ERP Innovation,” found that ERP is a valuable tool for innovation and organizations are on board with the technology.

However, hardware and software investments are no longer the full picture. Today, sustained innovation also requires making staffing and other employee-related factors a top priority, in addition to the right partner — factors that have often been overlooked by leadership teams.

4 steps toward realizing the promise of ERP Innovation

  1. Intentional work drives innovative successes. Ninety-five percent of IT decision-makers agree: The organizations that innovate fastest are best positioned to win customer business. With 68% of respondents now indicating …
  2. Talent is make-or-break for evolution. Fifty-six percent of decision-makers indicate that when it comes to deriving maximum value from ERP solutions, access to skills/sufficient talent is a decisive…
  3. Modernizing existing tech is necessary to expedite innovation (and the cloud is a powerful support). Forty-seven percent of decision-makers are looking to improve the cybersecurity protections …
  4. Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving sector, but it can pull focus away from other internal innovations. Nearly all our respondents’ organizations (90%) experienced some type of cyberattack in the …

How can industry leaders balance cybersecurity requirements and a desire for innovation with a lack of skill to cover all the bases at once?

Ready for More?

Most organizations have prioritized technology and take pride in the ERP systems they’ve put in place. But having the right infrastructure alone is proving insufficient for the desired results; long-term innovation requires intentionality, talent, modernization, and sometimes, extra help with the right partner.

For a more in-depth look at our recent findings and additional steps to sustain innovation, download the Syntax “Realizing the Promise of ERP Innovation” report.