How to Start a Career as an Oracle JD Edwards Consultant

As an Oracle JD Edwards consultant you can use your business acumen and skills to help clients implement superior IT solutions at their company. 

Clients expect a high level of relevant business expertise when hiring a JD Edwards consultant to assist in the implementation of a JD Edwards system. If you have experience in inventory management, order processing, financial management, manufacturing management, asset life cycle management, as examples, you will be well suited to help clients get the most value out their JD Edwards solution.

Understanding not only how businesses operate, but how technology is used inside a business environment can also be valuable knowledge for a JD Edwards consultant. Experience in computer science, management information systems, or software engineering, are skill sets that can help you provide businesses with the best guidance when adopting JD Edwards’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and products. These systems help integrate information management across entire companies and its divisions, opening new doors to businesses in many different industries.

Top Skills of a JD Edwards Consultant

As a JD Edwards consultant you will need to have strong skills in communication, client services, project management and problem solving. It is recommended that before trying to join the ranks as a consultant that you work for a client that already uses Oracle JD Edwards’ business solutions. Take the time to gain as much hands-on experience as possible so you will understand the best methods for implementing JD Edwards’ products. Build your confidence in business consulting so clients trust your level of knowledge and service.

As you are probably aware, there are fewer job openings than in the past and building your experience with multiple projects can help you on your path. Look for positions to help improve your consulting skills. Working closely with customers and understanding what they are trying to communicate is an art of its own. Remember that it can take years to develop into an efficient and successful consultant. Keep looking for ways to improve your skills involved in common business management processes. Working with businesses in multiple fields can help increase the range of your knowledge and help you better understand a client’s requirements.

JD Edwards Certification

Completing a JD Edwards certification is an extra step that can prove your knowledge and expertise about products to potential employers. Show that you are experienced and ready to be a consultant and help customers improve their business systems.

Although passing a certification test doesn’t prove that you are an expert at applying your software knowledge in the real world, it does indicate your program proficiency. The real test would be evaluating a client’s requirements and helping satisfy their business’ needs. It is important to know how to assist clients to the highest degree possible and always aim to exceed their expectations. You need to be capable of solving difficult business problems by creatively applying the right JD Edwards software solution.

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Keep Expanding your Knowledge

In order to meet the high standards expected of any JD Edwards consultant, find your focus and start growing your experience. Network with other consultants so you can be the first to hear about job openings. JD Edwards partner companies look for consultants knowledgeable in JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne ERP business applications, development and implementation. Keep in mind that even if there isn’t an immediate opening as a JD Edwards consultant, that that can quickly change. With persistence, you could be the next trusted consultant leading a client through their transition to JD Edwards’ trusted ERP business solutions.

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