JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications Provide Effective BYOD Benefits

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications adds value in a BYOD Office Environment

Juniper Research recently released a report predicting that the number of BYOD devices in the workplace will double in the next two years. With an estimated total of over 300 million BYOD devices in use by 2014, companies are investing increasing amounts of time and money into mobile productivity suites, cloud computing and improved security.

Syntax and Oracle are aligned to help businesses address these challenges. Boasting the products, services, and experience to deliver enterprise wide information and IT adaptability, Oracle recently released JD Edwards mobile applications to extend the productivity and flexibility of this ERP system.

Syntax offers mobile application implementation assistance to help support customer mobile application rollouts.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile includes four separate apps to enable and enhance the productivity of users that are away from their desk but remain connected via their mobile device.

1.JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Purchase Order Approval

With Mobile Purchase Order Approval, your mobile workforce can review, approve or reject purchase orders. Specified approvers gain instant access to any orders submitted and can approve or reject the order with detailed explanations. This reduces the time it takes to complete the purchase process and allows users to perform their assigned tasks in a more efficient fashion.

2. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Requisition Self Service Approval

Mobile Requisition Self Service Approval enables users to review, approve or reject requisition self- service orders in real-time. Requisitions can be approved from any supported device with proper access rights to help streamline the process further. Should a requisition self-service order be rejected, detailed notes can provide information to the requesting parties to accelerate the rate at which resubmission and approval occurs.  Making the approval process mobile enables it to be completed rapidly, from any location.

3. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Sales Inquiry

Providing quick and accurate customer service is essential to any sales or service department. This mobile app puts information relating to sales orders, product pricing, inventory availability and other vital statistics in the palm of your sales team’s hands. Value added information, such as sales and price histories, give your sales team the ability to make informed decisions without the delays and frustrations of phone calls or emails. All of this increases the quality of the service provided to your customers.

4. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Expense Management

Reporting and tracking expenses can be a time-intensive, tedious task. By allowing employees to enter expense reports in real-time, accuracy is increased as well as an overall reduction in reimbursement times. Expenses are available immediately after submission for approval by the appropriate approver. This not only provides benefits for your employees but improves the accuracy and timeliness of the entire expense management process as well.

These apps integrate seamlessly with existing JD Edwards applications while transparently working with any supported mobile device. The modular nature of the JD Edwards mobile suite makes it easy to choose the exact solutions for your business needs. Because the mobile applications are developed by Oracle JD Edwards, deployment is easy so customers can quickly begin to realize the advantages of easier access and improved efficiency.

About Syntax 
Since 1972, Syntax has been providing comprehensive technology solutions to businesses of all sizes throughout North America. At Syntax we partner with IBM, Oracle, and other world-class technology leaders to deliver the best combination of hardware, software, and services to our customers.

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