JDE Insider’s Secret: Using the Oracle Comparison Tool to Compare Multiple JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications or Tools Releases

The Oracle Comparison Tool will help you understand the differences between separate JD Edwards EnterpriseOne releases so you can decide if applying the release would be beneficial.


Are all JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications and tools releases equal?  Do you need to apply every new release?

It can be hard to keep track and schedule the time to implement and update your JD Edwards systems for every update issued by Oracle.  And not every release will pertain to the applications and tools you use.

The Oracle Comparison Tool enables you to understand the impact of a release and decide whether the benefits justify the effort and disruption to apply it.  Or whether you can wait and apply a future release with more significant impacts to your systems and business.


The Oracle Comparison Tool allows JD Edwards customers to select 2 releases to compare and see what benefits can be gained by upgrading.

Go to the following website: https://apexapps.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=103254:18:4078407565629

Login with your Oracle Support credentials

  • Select Compare by Release
  • Select Tools or Applications
  • Select From Release (your current Tools Release)
  • Select To Release (the release that you’d like to upgrade to)
  • Using the Control key, select which products you’d like to compare
  • Click the Compare button

oracle comparison tool

You can then review each of the Features by clicking the links in the output.  Note: there may be multiple pages of features.  The Features will be displayed in order by Release.

oracle comparison tool update

You can create a detailed report by clicking the Download Detailed Report button

oracle comparison tool

Depending on your browser, the download may be displayed on in the browsers download bar, or it will be in your downloads folder.

oracle comparison tool

You can then View, Print or Email your output to see the benefits of upgrading.

oracle comparison tool


Use the Oracle Comparison Tool to compare the benefit of applying a new JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications or tools release.  Don’t miss any advances that will enable your system to perform more effectively or efficiently.  But also, don’t spend valuable time on updates with minimal impact to your business.

To learn more about JD Edwards, visit our JD Edwards insights page, where you can access JDE whitepapers, webinars, data sheets, and much more.