Syntax Expands Generative AI Portfolio to Help Mid-sized Businesses Future-Proof Their Innovation Agenda

Services and technology solutions powered by large language models and multi-cloud platforms, leveraging an open framework architecture

MONTREAL — March 5, 2024 — Syntax Systems, a leading global technology solutions and services provider for cloud application implementation and management, announced today the launch of its expanded Generative AI Portfolio to support midmarket and large enterprise clients. The portfolio, a comprehensive suite of services and technology solutions, draws from both private data and ERP/business applications, putting generative artificial intelligence powerfully to work for businesses.

“Generative AI is a game-changer for companies that want to innovate and transform in the context of their own business challenges,” said Marcelo Tamassia, CTO of Syntax. ”Syntax is committed to helping our customers harness the power of generative AI on their own terms. We are excited to offer our customers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of GenAI services and technology solutions, in line with their current AI maturity.”

Syntax GenAI Services: Custom-built use cases
Syntax GenAI Services are designed to help businesses explore the art of the possible with generative AI, identify use cases that are unique to their industry and business, and craft GenAI-powered solutions that can enhance products, processes, and customer experiences. Syntax GenAI Services include:

  • Syntax Industry AI Exploration Workshop: AI and industry experts provide a two-day workshop that delivers the latest trends and capabilities of generative AI specific to the customer’s industry to identify and prioritize potential GenAI use cases addressing business challenges and opportunities.
  • Syntax GenAI Solution Factory: A global team of data scientists, engineers, ERP experts, and developers to architect and deploy GenAI-powered solutions – like custom APIs, mobile applications, chatbots, natural language interfaces, and HyperAutomation flow – using industry best practices and methodologies.

Syntax GenAI Platform: Build enterprise-grade solutions without restrictions
Syntax GenAI technology solutions enable businesses to access and ingest GenAI solutions on preferred cloud platforms, using applicable large language models (LLMs) built on an open Kubernetes-based architecture. The Syntax GenAI Platform includes:

  • A fully managed platform: allowing customers to securely build and consume enterprise APIs powered by LLMs on the cloud of choice. Built-in data protection and anonymization components, as well as knowledge vaults for private data, come standard with this solution. This enables customers the flexibility to leverage local, private, and public models. The platform also features connectors to and with SAP and Oracle business applications, enabling seamless integration and data exchange.
  • A modern, conversational AI chatbot: easily deployed with Teams or Slack to seamlessly allow employees to interact with multiple LLMs using natural language inputs with customer-defined guardrails to get answers, insights, and increase internal productivity.

Accelerate and Future-Proof Your GenAI Journey
Syntax GenAI offerings help customers accelerate and future-proof their GenAI journey by providing flexibility in choice of hyperscaler and LLM models without lock-in, as well as trusted support from Syntax’s GenAI experts.

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