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Syntax Expands Vertical Expertise with Center of Excellence for Engineering, Construction, and Operations Sector

Newest CoE brings together Syntax’s global network of industry experts to develop and deliver innovative technology solutions aimed at solving the EC&O sector’s challenges

MONTREAL – October 11, 2022 – Syntax, a leading multi-cloud and mission-critical applications managed cloud provider, announced the launch of its global Engineering, Construction, and Operations (EC&O) Center of Excellence. 

The newest Center of Excellence will build upon Syntax’s foundational experience and best practices across its global expertise within the industry to develop and implement leading-edge technology solutions that are purpose-built for customers in the engineering, construction, and operations sectors. 

“We are deeply committed to bringing proven technology solutions to customers in our core industries and our new Industry Centers of Excellence are an investment in accelerating that innovative expertise,” says Christian Primeau, Global CEO at Syntax. “We believe the Centers of Excellence will enable us to help our customers respond nimbly to challenges and confidently seize opportunities in a world that’s changing faster than ever.” 

The construction and engineering sector is booming as global demand for new housing, commercial and industrial facilities, roads, and other infrastructure has soared. But as opportunities have multiplied, so have the challenges companies face. 

The number of projects under construction or slated to be built are straining companies’ capacity to resource and manage the work. Vast supplier networks must be coordinated, while supply chain uncertainty and expanding lead times continue to drive materials shortages and shipping delays. Soaring inflation is driving material and labor prices up and putting pressure on project costs and margins. Companies struggle to find the talent they need to replace an aging, retiring workforce. Addressing and overcoming these challenges is key to the construction and engineering companies’ ability to remain resilient and deliver projects profitably in the years to come. 

“Today’s dynamic, challenging environment requires construction and engineering companies to do more with less and find transformational ways to manage their projects, workforces, and businesses more effectively and profitably,” says John Hilborn, Head of the EC&O Center of Excellence, and former Construction Industry executive. “Embracing and maximizing managed, multi-cloud enterprise resource planning solutions is a powerful way for these companies to be more robust, future-ready, and customer-focused.”

As the leader of the new CoE, Hilborn will lead a multi-disciplinary team of professionals from Europe and North America to help firms harness new technologies to gain superior visibility across their enterprises and real-time access to critical financial and operational information. Together, the team will enable leaders to make the right decisions at the right time and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

“We have worked with construction and engineering companies for many years. We understand the challenges they face, and we are committed to helping them overcome these obstacles and achieve profitable growth and long-term success through technology,” says Larry Perlov, CEO of Illumiti, a Syntax company. “The new EC&O Center of Excellence will serve as an innovation hub, where our subject matter experts will develop the technology solutions that our customers need to keep their projects and businesses running smoothly.”

Today’s announcement follows the recent launch of Syntax’s global Industry Centers of Excellence. These centers reflect Syntax and Illumiti’s deep knowledge base and robust capabilities in four key industry segments, including ManufacturingEngineering, Construction and OperationsMining and Natural Resources, and Professional Services.