Realize The Advantages Of IBM iSeries In The Cloud

The iSeries is IBM’s most popular server worldwide. Also known as the AS/400, the iSeries is one of IBM’s greatest success stories because it provides a plethora of benefits above and beyond most midrange servers. It’s versatility is second to none, which is why it’s widely installed in government agencies, IT departments of large enterprises, and small corporations across every single industry segment on the planet. For over 20 years, the iSeries has gained a sterling reputation for enabling exceptional IT resilience and security, in the face of ever-growing IT threats to businesses worldwide.

Of course, running the iSeries in-house still requires companies to deal with all the headaches that come with in-house servers. Highly specialized staff, proficient in iSeries management and best practices, need to be found, hired, and put to work ensuring the server is up-to-date and able to keep up with the organization’s evolving IT needs. This costs time and money that could be better spent on growth-based initiatives. If only there was a way to realize all the iSeries benefits without the need to host the servers in-house? If only there was a way of hosting the iSeries in the cloud?

IBM iSeries In The Cloud

Fortunately, there are now options for organizations that love the IBM iSeries, but wish they didn’t have to pay for the hardware and maintenance. Syntax’s Enterprise Cloud for IBM iSeries is a perfect example of a solution that combines the resilience and security of a standard iSeries setup with the reduced cost and increased productivity typical of high-quality cloud setups.

Reduced Costs

Since a quality cloud provider will already have in place much greater hardware then you’ll ever need, you’ll never again have to worry about huge up front costs for hardware upgrades. Instead, you can pay a predictable monthly fee that allows you to pay only for what you need, without concern for future IT needs. With iSeries in the cloud, your company can expand – or contract – it’s IT capabilities at its own pace, meaning expenditures can be put on hold until they’re absolutely necessary. Fewer expenditures mean more funds available for business growth.

Improve Productivity

As great as the iSeries has performed over the years, as with any server, it requires maintenance. Software needs to be upgraded, hardware needs to be enhanced, and your IT staff needs to take the time to get these things done. With your IBM iSeries in the cloud, your cloud service provider takes care of the maintenance, ensuring you have around-the-clock access to cutting-edge technology, the newest applications, and up-to-date software. Most importantly, with your IT staff freed from the shackles of constant maintenance, they can be put to work on growing your business, rather than just keeping it afloat.

For the past 20 years, the iSeries has been the best-selling mid-range server in the world because of it’s unmatched security and resiliency capabilities. For the next 20 years, why not combine those qualities with lower costs and improved productivity? Why not move your IBM iSeries to the Syntax Enterprise Cloud?