Siebel Cloud Manager: A New Utility for Siebel CRM Migration to OCI

Siebel Cloud Manager (SCM) is a new REST-based continuous deployment tool, primarily designed for customers to simplify the Lift & Shift of their existing Siebel Enterprise from source system infrastructure into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure while keeping all customizations as is.

Siebel Cloud Manager can also be used for:

  • Create/automate new greenfield deployments of Siebel CRM on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Maintenance of Siebel CRM environment on OCI

Key Features of SCM

Lift Utility
  • Siebel Lift Utility, which is available from Oracle Cloud Manager, enables the creation of a deployment kit by packaging all artifacts derived from an existing on-premises Siebel Enterprise
  • First, it creates the deployment kit in a staging location and then uploads the kit to the OCI Object Storage within the OCI tenancy in order to populate the migration pipeline required for Siebel CRM deployment on OCI
  • The lift utility needs to be downloaded and installed on the on-premises Siebel environment
  • It supports execution in silent mode or in interactive mode using a menu driven CLI
Shift Utility
  • The SCM shift utilities enable the deployment of Siebel CRM artifacts that have been migrated to OCI Object Storage
  • The target architecture of Siebel Enterprise deployed on OCI will be a container-based Linux environment managed by a Kubernetes Cluster on top of an Oracle autonomous database
  • This utility uses Kubernetes and Ansible automation tools for deployment

Third Party Products Used

Siebel Cloud Manager and its utilities use the below third party products in pipeline operations.

  • Flux -To Synchronize the GitLab projects and Kubernetes cluster. It also maintains the state of deployments
  • Helm – This is used for deploying Siebel CRM and supporting deployments
  • Kubectl – This is used for administration tasks by running commands against Kubernetes cluster

High Level Steps for Migrating to OCI

  • Create a compartment
  • Install GitLAb
  • Download and install Siebel Cloud Manager
  • Download and execute Siebel Lift Utility in container or non-container mode
  • Prepare required payload for deployment
  • Execute payload to deploy Siebel CRM on OCI

Requirements and Limitations for SCM/OCI Deployments

  • Supported Siebel CRM version for migrating to OCI is Siebel CRM 18.12 and later
  • Customers must have an OCI tenancy with compute quota and manage privileges, Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), and File System Storage (FSS)
  • Customers must have an instance of GitLab Enterprise Edition
  • Customers must create a suitable compartment on their OCI tenancy for working with Siebel Cloud Manager and the compartment should support at least two child compartment levels
  • Siebel Cloud Manager currently supports ENU


Siebel Cloud Manager is a very significant release by Oracle, which is in line with the modern cloud principles and provides a simplified path to customers who want to move their existing Siebel CRM environments to OCI with a seamless and secure solution.