Modern Collaboration

Syntax supports enterprise with sophisticated solutions for modern collaborative work, with optimised digital workplaces and the ideal technological framework for smart team work.

What is Modern Collaboration?

The term Modern Collaboration, or Collaboration 4.0, means the ability for workers to work in an integrated digital environment across teams, sites and time zones. It demands a uniform technology platform that creates the foundations for editing content and communicating within teams. As a result, modern collaborative teams can break away from old-fashioned models and focus on the opportunities at the following levels:


Every individual employee has access to the solutions needed to allow them to contribute productively to the project as a whole.

Project team

Efficient communications and coordination of collaboration processes and content within projects and teams are at the core of the solution.


Permanent information channels across and beyond individual team levels allow enterprise projects and initiatives to be established.

Solutions for Modern Collaboration

At Syntax, our go-to solutions for planning, implementation and operations of modern collaboration architecture all come from the Microsoft stable. This is because the tools that are provided with and can be integrated into Microsoft 365 are perfect for addressing all of the challenges of modern collaboration at every level. Here is a selection of the most important solutions for modern collaboration:

Microsoft Teams

Teams is the central communications hub for chat and video calls, both between individual team members and for regular virtual meetings and mass-participation calls.

Microsoft SharePoint

It is used as the core of the intranet solution to not only share project-specific files, working content and apps, but also to coordinate tasks and communicate news.

Microsoft Office 365

The cloud Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) provided in Office 365 let users create and collaborate effortlessly on data and files in real time, without worrying about the chaos of different versions. And they can do this whether they are working on the desktop or in a browser.

Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP) used primarily through Teams. It supports organisations and employees through four modules Viva Learning, Viva Insights, Viva Topics and Viva Connections by successfully establishing hybrid working models and increasing employee satisfaction.

Modern Collaboration with Syntax

Syntax is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Productivity and an expert in delivering solutions for the special requirements of medium-sized businesses. We support our customers to extract the full potential from their existing software licences through the following services:

Workshops and assessments

Modern Collaboration needs a transparent and well-researched implementation concept in order to work properly. We give your employees the technological and cultural knowledge they need for this new environment.

Technical consulting

We use our in-depth technical expertise to develop an integrated overall concept in collaboration with our customers, to take account of their specific needs.

Full Managed Services

We provide a fully managed service to take care of smooth operations, taking account of all requirements for security and governance.

FAQ: Modern Collaboration

What are the success factors in rolling out a Modern Collaboration architecture?

Using software solutions for Modern Collaboration gives you the technological basis for smart team work. But in order to ensure this collaboration has productive outcomes, companies need to involve their employees and support them with a change management process. By identifying champions among the workforce who can assist their colleagues in their use of the tools, it is possible to foster a culture of cooperation and lay the ground work for a successful Collaboration 4.0 roll-out.

What is the role of the employee experience in the context of modern collaboration?

The widespread deployment of hybrid working models means that employee experience is growing in importance. When businesses invest in modern collaboration, that has a direct positive impact on employee experience. Providing your workforce with diverse options for sharing and collaboration through platforms like Microsoft Viva creates a positive working experience, strengthens the ties between employees and has a lasting effect on their performance. Happy staff are motivated staff.

What is Microsoft's definition of a Modern Collaboration Architecture?

The Microsoft Modern Collaboration Architecture (MOCA) summarises how modern collaboration can work using Microsoft’s solutions. In simple terms, MOCA tells you which tool is most suited to specific tasks. MOCA distinguishes between a number of instances (individual, team, organisation) that collaborate at various levels, and points to the appropriate solutions in each case (e.g. using tools such as Teams, SharePoint, Viva and Outlook). This overview is intended to help employees to rapidly identify the right tools for the task at hand, thus making a major contribution to the culture change required to become a digital enterprise.