Gibson Energy

Case Study Oil & Gas

Fueling collaboration
in an increasingly
diversified workforce


Gibson Energy is a Canadian-based liquids infrastructure company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. With nearly 14 million barrels of storage, and over 500 km of crude pipelines, we touch 1 in every 4 barrels produced in Western Canada. Utilizing this focused asset base, along with our dedicated and talented employees, we help create value for our customers while generating stable, long-term cash flow.

Ultimately, our strategically located facilities, combined with our best-in-class market connectivity and a long-term growth outlook, help us connect our customers to markets, our employees to exciting and rewarding careers and investors to long-term value.

Discover how Gibson Energy is advancing diversity and inclusion while helping people realize their full potential

Customer Profile

Name: Gibson Energy
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Industry: Oil & Gas

14 Million

barrels of crude oil stored by Gibson, equating to one
in every four barrels produced in Western Canada


of oil and gas companies in the
Forbes Global 2000 running SAP solutions

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Committed to improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) with strategy that includes advancing IT capabilities for the purpose in areas ranging from recruiting and onboarding to collaboration
  • Looking to broaden outreach and metrics to attract and retain a more diversified applicant base with elevated employee experience from time of hiring to fostering immediate connections with existing staff

Why SAP and Syntax

  • SAP SuccessFactors was chosen for strength and development of technology meeting emerging D&I needs,
    from support of “beyond bias” basics to system configurability of D&I elements within standard processes
  • Syntax and SAP’s combined industry expertise is a major factor in transforming and choosing SAP
    SuccessFactors, with 99% of oil and gas companies in the Forbes Global 2000 running SAP solutions

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Recruiting technology that supports growing D&I needs, including for gender bias scan of job descriptions and postings, plus seamless sharing across a wide network of sites reaching more diversified candidates
  • Able to easily collect diversity information during the recruitment process to monitor and track related progress while everaging corresponding D&I materials, training, and workshops guidance from SAP
  • D&I plus other recruitment analytics and dashboards for the executive leadership team to quickly see trends
  • Simple and easy-to-use onboarding system that significantly decreases administrative efforts of filing onboarding paperwork for corporate and field workers; new employees start with a network of support
  • Platform to connect new employees to leaders and effectively welcome them even before Day 1