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Syntax, an AWS MSP Partner


Together, Syntax and Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide customers with a managed cloud platform featuring secure, agile, rapid deployment and unlimited scalability.

As a Premier Consulting Partner (with the Migration, SAP, Oracle, DevOps, Windows workloads competencies, as well as the Managed Service Provider (MSP) designation), Syntax provides deep technical expertise and AWS Cloud management services that deliver operations support, automation and cloud infrastructure optimization.

AWS Managed Cloud Services with Syntax Ensures:

  • 24/7 AWS infrastructure operations
  • OS patching and maintenance management
  • Fully reliable monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Ongoing, required backups and scheduling
  • Comprehensive zero-trust security
  • Robust automation platform
  • FinOps cost optimization management
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How Syntax Cloud Operations Works for Customers


  • Automatic provisioning of the entire infrastructure allows for rapid deployment
  • Infrastructure as code delivers consistent builds and limits resource configuration errors
  • Predictable and reproducible infrastructure

Configuration Management

  • Salt-based configuration management platform
  • Reads from CDMB and apply configuration states
  • Performs discover telemetry and enables continuous and on-demand audit check
  • Delivers OS and above self-healing capabilities

AWS Cloud Operations Management

  • Proprietary Intelligent Autonomous Platform (IAP)
  • Reliability, compliance, security, performance, cost optimization and billing simplification (Aligns with AWS’ Well-Architected framework)
  • Self-healing and auto-scaling infrastructure
  • Cloud monitoring
  • ServiceNow integrated for alerting with event correlation


  • Dashboard of resources across all landscapes
  • Billing management and dashboards
  • Native integration with ServiceNow® for incidents, requests, events and alerts
  • Self-service capabilities

Syntax CxHub: Our Added Value for Multi-Cloud Management Platforms

Syntax CxHub provides customers with insights into AWS infrastructure resources across platforms, servers, storage, backup, and databases, as well as cost management (FinOps) and support interactions. With this robust functionality, Syntax CxHub enables customers to have full visibility on their infrastructure.

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Secure and Reliable AWS Managed Services

Syntax provides a comprehensive, zero-trust security approach based on industry best practices, which guarantees the integrity of the applications, data stores and processes. Security practices are integrated into the design, systems, standards, and processes. Encryption and continuous monitoring minimize risks associated with data and confidential information.

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