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Effective Oracle ERP Management for Multi-Cloud Environments With many organizations adopting a “cloud-first” deployment strategy, today’s Oracle ERP landscapes are gaining in complexity with on-site, private cloud and public cloud components encompassing AWS, Azure & OCI as well as SaaS providers like WorkDay, SalesForce and more. This trend toward multi-cloud ERP ecosystems presents a challenge for traditional IT management systems that normally rely on measurement of server speed, storage utilization and network response time to give insight into application performance; something difficult at best to collect from Cloud providers. While IT Managers with legacy on-prem environments might be able to survive with traditional tools, business stakeholders in a multi-cloud ERP architecture expect actionable information that encompasses the entire multi-cloud ERP ecosystem to proactively resolve issues at the point of deployment before they grow into problems.

This webcast will show how Syntax EnterpriseCare® ERP Monitoring Solution consolidates and delivers actionable intelligence from across your multi-cloud ecosystem through a single solution framework. Join our webinar to learn about our cost-effective and scalable multi-cloud ERP management platform designed to help you achieve the benefits Management expects from your multi-cloud strategy.
Sep 26, 20192:00pm EDT1 hour
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on AWS: Flexibility, Elasticity, Automation, Availability and Breath of Services Organizations running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne can greatly simplify the cost and complexity of managing and maintaining their ERP infrastructure by moving to the Public Cloud, allowing a greater focus on business innovation and concentration on business initiatives.
However, to fully realize the Public Cloud’s benefits, companies must choose both the right Public Cloud and the right Public Cloud Provider to ensure that the benefits of flexibility, elasticity, automation, availability and breath of services are capitalized upon.
Syntax is unique in that we are the number one ERP provider for AWS and have more JD Edwards customers in AWS that any other partner. Syntax has created a Maximum Availability Architecture for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and has a dedicated team to benefit from the flexibility, elasticity and automation capabilities that AWS offers.

To understand both the benefits of moving your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment to AWS and the unique capabilities that AWS brings to EnterpriseOne including Syntax’s Maximum Availability Architecture, join our October 30th webcast “JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on AWS: Flexibility, Elasticity, Automation, Availability and Breath of Services” where Syntax’s Chief Solution Architect Colin Dawes will join forces with Sam Khidhir, an AWS Solution Architect. During this webcast, Colin and Sam will:
• Review key AWS features, components and benefits
• Discuss which components of AWS are most relevant to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
• Introduce JD Edwards EnterpriseOne High Availability and Resiliency Concepts
• Present Syntax’s Maximum Availability Architecture for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in AWS
• Demonstrate Syntax’s automation, monitoring, billing and other SysOps and DevOps tools for AWS

In this webcast, you’ll also see a live demo of a JD Edwards deployment on AWS where you will see first-hand Syntax’s automation, monitoring capabilities and Maximum Availability Architecture in action.
Oct 30, 20192:00pm EDT1 hour


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