Business Transformation as a Service: Your Path to an Intelligent Enterprise


The RISE with SAP solution is designed to help you become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise in the cloud. It consists of applications, platforms, tools, and services created to drive innovation, automate, and improve processes, and simplify network connections. With it, you also gain the transparency, insights, data access, and AI–driven recommendations needed to continuously improve processes and empower employees. As an added benefit, SAP and Syntax engage to help ensure your success throughout the guided journey to the cloud.

What’s Included with RISE with SAP?

RISE with SAP is designed to help organizations get started with the cloud and take away the guesswork and patchwork of license purchases. The goal is to provide organizations with a comprehensive, intelligent, and customer-specific offering.

RISE with SAP includes five core elements to help your organization achieve a digital transformation.


It is a modular cloud ERP solution created to help you transform and innovate through new industry business models and best practices. With S/4 HANA Cloud you are able to establish process excellence with built-in artificial intelligence (AI), and you can elevate sustainability standards end to end.

Business Process Intelligence (BPI)

This can help your organization continuously understand, innovate, and transform businesses processes. BPI was designed to provide you with a clear picture of how processes work end to end. You can transform your operations and gain insights into your end-to-end performance with process analytics by accessing the SAP Process Discovery tool within BPI to transform your operations.

Technology Cloud Credits

You can drive your innovation faster with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) consumption credits to fast-track your move to SAP S/4HANA Cloud and support faster, cohesive, and future-ready innovation. To make it happen, you can complement, extend, and integrate with any other solution (SAP, partner, or third party).

SAP Business Network Starter Pack

You can move quickly by creating dynamic, digital connections with your trading partners and assets. Apply network-wide intelligence to guide real-time data and visibility decisions.

Embedded Tools and Services

Embedded services and tools are included. You gain access to products and services for lifecycle management, analytics, support, and more to migrate to SAP S/4HANA and drive faster business outcomes.

You Get Two Cloud Deployment Options With Rise with SAP

Public Cloud for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

A complete, modern, software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with full public cloud benefits. According to SAP, it’s the fastest path to innovation and the lowest TCO. It provides a clean, cloud-based ERP solution without converting old/legacy ERP processes and configurations. Companies can take advantage of standardized best practices and reimagined business processes.

Private Cloud for SAP S/4HANA Cloud

This offering rapidly converts your existing SAP ERP/ECC environment to modern, cloud-based architecture. Full enterprise management scope as subscription and low TCO from cloud economies. It is a SaaS landscape at your own pace. You get full, extensive ERP functionality, including partner add-ons with the ability to extend and enhance.

How Syntax Complements RISE with SAP

Syntax supports you on your journey through RISE with SAP with Syntax Navigator for SAP, a comprehensive suite of advisory, consulting, support, and technology offerings designed to deliver unified customer experiences for your complete SAP ecosystem in a multicloud environment.

Advisory Services

SAP’s support timelines for ECC and mandate to move to S/4HANA are fast approaching, and customers need to chart their course.

The RISE with SAP program offers compelling operational and commercial benefits to customers looking to modernize their workloads, but there are many implications to doing so. Syntax advisory services offer roadmaps, costs analyses, and assessments for customers to make informed decisions.


After working collaboratively with you to plan your roadmap to the cloud, Syntax can see those plans to fruition with our implementation, upgrade, and migration capabilities.

We provide a full suite of services that get you migrated to S/4HANA on the cloud of your choice, including helping you with the connectivity and development expertise required to integrate your entire SAP ecosystem.

Managed Services

Getting your enterprise applications migrated and integrated is just the beginning. The Syntax Wheelhouse offering is a comprehensive service portfolio for customers choosing RISE with SAP, all delivered with our unified ITSM platform.

Where SAP’s service offering ends, Syntax seamlessly begins with an integrated, fully managed hyperscaler tenancy for low-latency connectivity to your S4/HANA Public or Private Cloud environment. We augment SAP services with additional Basis, functional, and development support, as well as integrated FinOps and security.

Continuous Improvement Program

Our Continuous Improvement Program is a client-centric mindfulness approach. It’s a mission to improve customer processes and technological engagement to maximize the return on a client’s SAP investment. This is designed to help you achieve best practices and performance goals with tools such as the Client Health Check and Value Assessment offerings.

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