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6 Key Questions about Cloud for Oracle EBS Answered in a New White Paper

What exactly does “moving to the Cloud” mean for Oracle E-Business Suite shops? The truth is that there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the Cloud in the Oracle EBS community.

To fill that need, Syntax, has published the white paper “Cloud 101 for Oracle E-Business Suite Users.” The paper demystifies Cloud terminology, clarifies some common areas of confusion about the Cloud, and highlights emerging trends that will help EBS users migrate to the Cloud while leveraging their organization’s investments in Oracle E-Business Suite.

Educate Yourself to Drive Cloud Innovation at Your Organization

This white paper begins with the basics. It takes readers all the way down to the fundamentals of Cloud computing, guides them through the alphabet soup Cloud nomenclature, and provides detailed descriptions of what the major Cloud deployment models mean to EBS users. Finally, it closes with concrete advice for plotting a successful course to the Cloud.

Along the way, readers will learn the answers to questions like these:

  1. What cost efficiencies can you expect from a Cloud migration?
  2. What are the five essential components of the enterprise Cloud model?
  3. Why are both IaaS and PaaS important to an Oracle E-Business Suite architecture?
  4. What are the 10 critical questions to ask before integrating SaaS platforms with Oracle EBS platform?
  5. How can you gauge a Cloud provider’s transparency?
  6. What is the difference between a “Hybrid Cloud” and “coexistence”?

If you’re a seasoned Oracle E-Business Suite professional, your peers, managers or even non-technical decision makers are undoubtedly peppering you with these types of questions every day.

Download our white paper “Cloud 101 for Oracle E-Business Suite Users,” so that you’ll be able to answer the questions above while positioning yourself to drive Cloud innovation at your company.

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