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EDF Energy chooses Syntax CxLink Documents for fast, reliable, and secure image management


To replace its aging legacy image management platform, EDF Energy worked with Syntax to implement CxLink Documents to better organize and store this important data. The project delivered a modern solution that integrated seamlessly with SAP ERP environment with zero disruption to users.

EDF Energy is Britain’s largest generator of zero-carbon electricity and one of the UK’s largest investors in renewable energy. Part of EDF Group, the world’s largest electricity generator, EDF has 1 gigawatt in nuclear and wind power generation in operation, and another 5 gigawatts of renewables under construction or in some stage of development—including Britain’s largest offshore wind farm, the 450 megawatt Neart na Gaoithe project in Scotland

Customer Profile

Name: EDF Energy
Location: London, United Kingdom
Industry: Energy


Invoice images migrated


Purchase request/order supporting doc images migrated


EDF Energy had long relied on an aging legacy image management platform to store decades of scanned invoices, emails, and other documents. However, the platform’s obsolete technology couldn’t handle the company’s modern demands for speedy, reliable storage and retrieval. Upgrading the platform would be too costly, assuming specialists with the required skills could even be found. EDF Energy decided they would migrate to a new solution that would:

  • Provide the same functionality as the legacy system it replaced
  • Be interoperable with the company’s existing SAP ERP environments
  • Support a future upgrade to SAP S/4 HANA

Approach + Solution

After evaluating a number of alternatives, EDF Energy engaged Syntax to implement Syntax CxLink Documents as the replacement for its legacy image management system. Syntax CxLink Documents provided the document management, archiving and retrieval solution that EDF Energy required to manage decades of image files—completely integrated with SAP ERP environments. The Syntax team’s commitment to providing outstanding support through all stages of the project ensured a smooth implementation.

Thorough migration plan 
Syntax and EDF Energy set up Syntax CxLink Documents and migrated image data to the new solution over the course of a year. The team deployed the solution in EDF Energy’s development environment before moving it into the company’s testing environment to ensure it met expectations while working with real data. Following successful testing, Syntax CxLink Documents went into production, and data migration began. EDF Energy’s immense collection of image data was moved to the new system carefully over the balance of the project.

Ongoing Syntax support resolves any technical issues
Throughout the implementation and data migration process of Syntax CxLink Documents, the Syntax team remained dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for EDF Energy. Despite encountering some challenges stemming from the legacy technology used by EDF Energy, the Syntax team promptly addressed any technical issues that arose.

Minimal disruption keeps the business on track
Crucially, Syntax and EDF Energy were able to implement CxLink Documents without disrupting the company’s day-to-day business operations in any appreciable way. CxLink Documents provided the same functionality and user experience as the legacy system, making the transition to the new solution largely invisible to end users despite massive improvements behind the scenes.

“This was a massive win that was completely seamless to the business. We’re happy with the product—and with the support we received from Syntax. Every time we reached out to them, a solution was found. Their support allowed us to fully deliver what we set out to achieve.”

– Martin De’Giovanni, Enterprise Product Manager, EDF


Migrating to Syntax CxLink Documents allowed EDF Energy to modernize its image management solution while avoiding the cost, complexity, and risks involved in attempting to upgrade legacy technology. Not only does CxLink Documents ensure EDF Energy has a solution that works seamlessly with SAP— it also opens up potential opportunities to archive other forms of data and reduce infrastructure costs along the way.

CxLink Documents is already delivering important impacts:

– Improved archiving and retrieval of image data in terms of cost and speed
– Seamless functionality and user experience—no training required
– Improved data security, including secure data transmission, data encryption, and strict access controls.
– Enables legacy solution to be decommissioned, saving tens of thousands of pounds