Case Study Managed Mobile Services

Stratix unleashes the power of modern enterprise integrations


In the fast-paced mobile technology solutions niche, Stratix engaged Syntax to modernize and manage its enterprise integrations with a single cloud-based solution, validating Oracle Integration Cloud as a rich, scalable, and cost-effective solution to enhance the speed of business.

Customer Profile

Name: Stratix Corporation
Location: Norcross, Georgia USA
Industry: Managed Mobile Services


years delivering nonstop mobility services to enterprises


mobile devices under active management


cloud-based platform for internal and external enterprise integrations, including cloud-to-cloud


monitoring of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Oracle Integration Cloud


As the leading pure-play mobility services provider in North America, Stratix helps Fortune 500 companies maximize their mobile technology to increase productivity, improve user experience, and keep operations running smoothly. Stratix was seeking to modernize its enterprise processes, replacing point-to-point (P2P) custom code integrations on multiple code bases with a single cloudbased solution. For this fast-growing mid-sized company, the solution had to accommodate internal and external API integration and EDI and be feature-rich, costeffective, and scalable. After evaluating multiple platforms, Stratix chose Oracle Integration Cloud. Because Stratix is an Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) customer hosted in Syntax Enterprise Cloud, Oracle was already in its ecosystem. Syntax had an Oracle Integration Cloud practice that could assist with implementation and ongoing integration work and support.

Together, they could move forward at a brisk pace.
– Modernize integrations with a single cloud solution
– Cost-effective and feature-rich platform
– Ability to start small and scale up
– Pair with a trusted partner for integration support

Solution + Approach

Oracle Integration Cloud is a hosted SaaS solution provided by Oracle
Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Syntax choreographed the complexities of
OCI, Oracle Integration Cloud, and Oracle Integration Cloud EBS Adapter
integrations for Stratix.

Establishing a Modern Platform
Syntax first deployed an OCI tenancy, provisioned according to the Center
for Internet Security (CIS) best practices. After configuring the tenancy
securely including network design, Syntax deployed the Oracle Integration
Cloud EBS Adapter, the Oracle Integration Connectivity Agent, and the
Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG). Given the intricacies of the Oracle network
and the client’s network, this required multiple teams working in concert.
Knowing that extensive testing and verification were critical, Syntax set
realistic timeline expectations with Stratix and its trading partners to
successfully establish a secure and well-tested modern platform.

Supply Chain Integration
Syntax worked with Stratix to move from a manual purchase order (PO)
process to an integrated process that begins with initiating the PO, shares
the notice of shipment (FedEx or UPS tracking number), and captures that
information in Oracle. The result is a complete picture of the PO you are
shipping against, how it is being shipped, and when it will arrive. Extending
to procurement and receipt, the warehouse is notified before materials
arrive. By entering the tracking number into Oracle, the warehouse can see
what should be in the shipment and compare it to the packing slip. Syntax
leveraged Oracle Infrastructure Cloud recipes and accelerators as a starting
point to expedite mapping the relevant files for supply chain integration.

Syntax as Extension of the Stratix Team
Syntax supports Stratix’s Oracle Integration Cloud as a fully managed
service, including maintaining the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy and
monitoring agents. Oracle Integration Cloud provides an embedded file
server and scheduler, with Syntax monitoring for errors 24x7x365. Stratix
uses the same functional support model with Syntax for both Oracle
E-Business and Oracle Integration Cloud, purchasing a block of hours that
can be leveraged each month or rolled over within the calendar quarter.
Stratix can extend for additional hours as needed to expand rapidly.

“The future is cloud-based, replacing islands of information with integrations. Oracle Integration Cloud just works, consistently, out of the box. Oracle Strategic Managed Services Provider Syntax is an extension of our Oracle team to flex when needed—not too small, not too big, but just right—and that’s one of the biggest benefits to come out of this engagement.”

– Todd Campbell,
VP of Information Technology, Stratix Corporation


Stratix validated Oracle Integration Cloud as a cost-effective integration solution. With the help of Syntax, the first wave of integrations streamlined processes with suppliers, removing the human error and time lag associated with a heavy reliance on manual steps. Syntax serves as an extension of the Stratix team for its Oracle solutions to flex as needed without expanding headcount. Rate integration to support multi-currency operations is currently underway and cloud-to-cloud integrations are next on the horizon.

Replacing islands of information with integrations

– Single, proven platform for enterprise integrations
– Streamlined PO-driven processes with suppliers
– Reduced human error from manual processes
– Internal shift from transactional to higher-level thinking
– Flexibility with Syntax as an extension of the team