View and manage your multi-cloud portal through a single pane of glass.


What is the Syntax Customer Experience Hub?

The Syntax Customer Experience Hub (CxHub) is a multi-cloud portal which provides a single pane of glass through which Syntax customers can view and manage their Syntax Cloud solutions.

This CxHub provides self-service capabilities and visibility into IT infrastructure resources across all public and private cloud platforms, including servers, backups, and databases, billing details, as well as support interactions.

One View

Multi-cloud portal for public and private platforms

Maximum Control

Manage servers, virtual workstations, and public/private routes

Visualize Trends

Filter infrastructure resource monitoring, security, and support events

Key Benefits and Features


The CxHub provides a modern, next-generation customer experience for Syntax customers. Benefits include:

  • Ticketing integration with ServiceNow® (SNOW)
  • Insights to billing details and invoices
  • Self-service model so you can stop/start resources, backup/restore resources and provision resources as needed


CxHub administrators can setup new users and can provide access to internal users as needed. Once in the portal, a user can:

  • Stop, start and provision servers and virtual workstations, manage public and private routes
  • Review and compare invoices, compare month-to-month billing by category and drill down into invoiced line items
  • View and filter infrastructure resource monitoring, security and support events by time, source and severity
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Using data as a guide, Syntax customers can make informed decisions which can lead to a reduction in costs and an increase in efficiency.

New CxHub Features are Continuously Released

The CxHub uses a continuous release strategy. As new features are developed, they will automatically be deployed.

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