UBE R9830512

Easy Batch Version Copy Between Environments

Oracle provides a great method to copy batch versions from one environment to another.  While OMW can be used to perform a similar function, using UBE R9830512 to perform this task has the following benefits:

  • Speed
    • It is much faster process than using OMW
  • Additional Options
    • Version Selection
      • It provides the ability to add ONLY new versions and keep unchanged versions that already exist, thus preserving data selection and processing options that are set differently between environments
    • Proof / Update mode
      • UBE can be run in Proof mode prior to performing the version copy

UBE R9830512 Must be run locally on a fat client.

Instructions for running
  • Log on to Fat client and navigate to “Batch Versions”
  • Enter “R9830512” and hit “Find” to see existing versions – select either version, or copy to create new version

  • Use “Form Exit” to select “Advanced”

  • On “Advanced Version Prompting” click “Override Location”, then click “OK”

  • Back on “Version Prompting”, click “Submit”

  • On “JD Edwards Data Sources” select “LOCAL”

  • On “Processing Options” select appropriate options:

1: Can be used to choose Proof or Update mode

2: “A” preserves existing versions / “C” will copy all versions from source to target

3: Enter “2” (wording on option is incorrect and you should always enter “2”)

4: Enter “0” – Copy both specs (F98761) and version Data (F983051)

  • Click “OK” on “Report Output Destination”

  • On “Environment Overrides”, enter “Source” (copy from) and “Target” (copy to) and hit “OK”

Report output will be displayed on the fat client.